Microsoft plans on adding game mode feature to Windows 10 upcoming updates. This feature is going to deliver a better performance to the PC gaming world. One of the attributes will be the ability to manage the system’s resources while playing games and minimizes the rate at which other programs use the system’s resources while gaming on your PC. This simply means your systems resources would be shifted to games in this mode and giving you more free environment for your games to run on.
According to Mike Ybarra, this updates is going to be a game-changing update for Windows 10 PC and Xbox One.


Microsoft made a big fuss out of the windows 10 Creators update’s gaming features, and it is almost geared up to start delivering on them… inclusive of a few which have remained mysterious.

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The company has revealed that it’s going to begin trotting out a largely unknown Window 10 game Mode as part of Insider previews “this week.” The development may not be absolutely functional until later releases, however, Microsoft has at last shed some light on what it is: it will fine-tune your  PC to speed up gaming overall performance.

This mode should help both legacy windows games (Win32) and modern titles (UWP), so that you won’t should be picky about what you’re playing to notice a difference. You should “soon” hear a lot more about the way it works, Microsoft says.

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The news comes as Microsoft has detailed a number of the already acknowledged upgrades hitting both the Xbox One and windows 10 in the months ahead. Baked-in Beam livestreaming will be the centerpiece on both platforms, providing you with a simple way to share anything you are playing. On the Xbox One, you’ll also see an enhanced, continually-available guide with faster access to game recording and music controls, an achievement tracking overlay, a brand new look for Cortana and a Gamerscore leaderboard.

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Both platforms will get Xbox live upgrades that’ll help you hook up with friends on social networks, a more social-friendly activity Feed, better gear for clubs and searching-for-group posts, and the option to start your own arena tournaments in games like Killer instinct and world of Tanks. As long as you’re willing to be patient (you may not get much of this until at least the Creators update), you’ll have loads to sit up for.

But the question now is, will the feature be available for all windows 10 PC’s ?

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