Google Sign-in Page Is Getting a New Look

Just recently, the tech giant Google added a notice to its sign-in page that it’s getting a new look and this change will be applied in the next few weeks. Google has stated that some things will change in the new sign-in page and some will not.

Google sign-in page is getting a new look

The new style will have a more simple and cleaner look, the sign-in process will be processed even faster and also, the new style will be consistent on all platform. The previous way of signing-in won’t change in the new style and you can still securely sign-in to Google services as before.

Google sign-in page is getting a new look

However, the old log-in style will still appear if you’re running an obsolete browser or if you have JavaScript support turned off on your browser. The new sign-in layout will appear on Google apps and Google service on browsers like chrome and also it will show up on tablet, phones and computers.

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