On Tuesday, Microsoft started rolling out the Creator update. We’ve been covering previews of Microsoft’s major Creators Update for Windows 10 and there are several tweaks and improvements that we’re truly excited about. The Creator update is not a massive update unlike the Anniversary update which was dropped last year, this update will enhance the Windows 10 experience.

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Below is a quick highlight of new features and tweaks in the Creator update.


Microsoft virtual assistant Cortana gets some upgrades, now it can display a list of app-specific commands, auto-suggesting commands based on what you’re typing and “suggested reminder”, which helps you keep to promises. Cortana also got its own shortcut key Win+C which you can easily start Cortana with.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft’s added a little tweak to Edge browser. Now, you can set tabs aside for later viewing. it can also show tab preview – thumbnail images of each open tab on the upper bar. Also, it gets new upgrades ability to read e-books, which you’ll be able to purchase from the Windows Store.

Night Light and Settings

Microsoft added night light feature, which will allow efficient usage of PC at night. This feature has already been seen on Mac, Android and iPhone. Nightlight is a mode that helps you reduce the blue-light emission from your PC screen and also reduces eye strain at night, and helps you sleep better after using your PC.

Game streaming with Beam

In 2016 Microsoft Beam (video game streaming service) and now, it integrates the service in the creator update to allow gamers live-stream and broadcast their gameplay sessions. This is similar to the Amazon’s Twitch.

Dynamic Lock

This is yet another useful feature in the creator update. The dynamic lock lets you pair a Bluetooth smartphone and automatically locks your Windows 10 PC when the smartphone is out of range. This will be a useful security feature for users who do not have the habit of locking their desktops when stepping away from their desks.

Windows Updates

Creator update brings the ability to pause windows update for up to 35 days on Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise or Education versions. Also, there is an option to not include drivers update because of some users who are wary of bugs that may break their components and peripherals.

Microsoft Paint 3D

With Paint 3D, a user can now easily “draw” and create 3D objects from scratch and also, you can share your 3D creations via the newly launched Remix 3D community.

Game Mode

The Game Mode feature, of course, is dedicated to gamers. This mode will give more environment to games to run smoothly by reducing background tasks and apps, devoting processor and memory to a game you’re playing to ensure that it’s running as good as possible.

Start Menu and Graphical Improvements

The Creators Update also brings improvements to Windows 10’s Start menu. Now, you can group tiles into a custom folder similar to how Windows Phones or iOS gadgets group app icons.
Also, a new screenshot shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+S) is now available, which lets you capture an area of your desktop and paste it to any application while the new redesigned Share UI is now available by default.

Other UI improvements include smoother window resizing and scaling for applications and high-resolution support for desktop apps.

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Final words

There are more features and tweaks in the Windows 10 Creators Update and It’s now available via windows update. Note, not all PC running Windows 10 will get this update immediately, so if you can’t wait for the update, simply use the windows 10 upgrade assistant to upgrade.

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