[MM][MT6753][3.18.19] MIUI 9 For Infinix HOT S X521

Infinix Hot S users can now have a taste of MIUI 9 lightning-fast ROM, all thanks to the devs who have taking time to port, fixing all bugs and test so that this ROM can run smoothly on Infinix hot S device. Their contribution shall be respected.

Important notice: Users must be running on Android marshmallow to have this ROM installed. Check guides below.

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MIUI 9 China Developer ROM 7.11.2 Full Changelog

og image
  • Highlights
  • New – Simplified the UI (10-31)
  • System
  • Optimization – Added app names for third-party toasts (11-01)
  • App Lock
  • New – App lock supports hiding messages from selected apps (10-31)
  • New – Simplified the UI (10-31)
  • Home screen
  • Optimization – Adding widgets to an empty spot with a single tap (10-31)
  • Fix – Animations didn’t work after turning on App lock (10-31)
  • Smart Assistant
  • New – Manage automatically added favourites app by the app (10-31)
  • Web Apps
  • Optimization – Added an icon for web apps in the search (11-02)
  • Mi Account
  • Optimization – Reduced the number of push notifications when the user is signed out (10-30)
KERNEL: 3.18.19
SDK: V23
[MM][MT6753][3.18.19] MIUI 9 For Infinix HOT S X521
[MM][MT6753][3.18.19] MIUI 9 For Infinix HOT S X521
[MM][MT6753][3.18.19] MIUI 9 For Infinix HOT S X521

How to Flash MIUI 9 For Infinix HOT S

  1. ROM requires stock marshmallow firmware for Infinix HOT S
  2. You must be running a custom recovery. Get TWRP for Infinix hot S here.
  3. Flash the recovery via SP flash tool. You can find flashing guide here.
  4. Once you have TWRP on your device, reboot device to recovery mode.
  5. In recovery mode, go-to wipe section and factory reset the device.
  6. In advance menu, wipe mode Wipe data, cache, Dalvik art, system.
  7. Now reboot your device when flashing is done. Viola.

Note: first boot usually take  – 10 minutes to complete. Just relax and watch some movies while it boots.

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  1. I have tried to find any solution for mobile data ,but it still not works
    so if there is any solution I'd be very thankful I loved the rom so so much plz find a solution for mobile data it doesn't connect I tried to add apn in access point but it doesn't connect ,, solve pleaase

  2. I found a new problem that is the active processor is only 4 cores. it sometimes make my phone slow. do you also experient it ?

  3. I need help,
    I flashed my Infinix hot s pro using SP flash tool ,
    I chose option Format all+download,
    After flashing I am facing the issue of WiFi NVRAM WARNING: ERR 0x10
    I need TWRP backup of nougat.
    If someone will provide me,
    I’ll be really thankful for him/her.

  4. Please help me, I am tried to develop Infinix HOT S custom ROM.
    Please let me know which ROM you edited to make this custom ROM?

  5. Hello sir, I use infinix hot S Android 7.0 and i tried to install the rom .it was successful but it can’t boot. My phone shows the infinix on the screen and it keeps going on and off… Please what might be the cause?

  6. Can I install it Via SD Card I have android 7.0 can it work ? Build number x521-J5088EG-N-170524v19

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