Best Android Emulators For PC 2019 To Run Android Apps On PC

In this article, we will be discussing the best Android emulators for PC 2019.

The use of Android emulators has grown over the years has the Android eco-system itself keeps growing. Android emulators are software used to emulate Android OS on a desktop or laptop. This enables desktop/laptop users to run Android apps on their computer system. Primarily, Android emulators are used for deploying apps without actually installing it in a device. This helps Android developers test apps before releasing it for users to download on PlayStore.

This whole emulator explanation means that you can simply Run WhatsApp, play Candy Crush, Telegram, Open Google play store, Gmail App and the rest on your computer.

What do I need an Android emulator for?

You may say in your mind ‘Having a smartphone inside a computer? doesn’t make much sense when I have a phone already.’ Or ‘I don’t really see the need for this’. But trust me, emulators weren’t created for nothing.

  • Gives better graphics quality than in your Android in most cases (especially for gamers)
  • You can even enjoy the option of using better controllers like keyboard, joystick etc (also for gamers) on the best Android emulators
  • App developers can easily develop and test their work on an emulator rather than on a smartphone which can prevent the risk of crashing their phones in case there is a bug. It can also reduce the stress of sending to phone before testing.
  • And lastly, the emulator could just stand as your second mobile device. You can do more than 90% of the things you do on your device with an emulator too.

Best Android Emulators For PC 2019

Now, in no particular order, these are the best Android emulators for PC

Ko player

Best Android Emulators For PC 2018

Pronounced Ko-player like in co-worker as opposed to say ko player. Ko for all of the good things it offers a computer user has been regarded as one of the best Android emulators for PC in recent years.

Although it must be stated that the emulator was built with a lot of focus on Android gamers. It was designed with the capacity to allow game players to record their gameplay and upload it where ever. This wonderful Android emulator allows for key mapping. With key mapping, you can customize your keyboard and assign each gamepad button to a key on the keyboard.

In so doing, things are handled according to your preference and there’s ease for gaming. Ko player gives you the option to select compatible or speed mode. Speed mode is recommended for high performance especially in gaming while compatible is more balance for normal activities on the emulator. Ko player Android emulator is free only that you will encounter several ads.

The second on the list is BlueStacks.


Best Android Emulators For PC 2018

BlueStacks is the first major Android emulator widely known. A majority will even agree that BlueStack is the best Android emulator for PC even though opinions might differ at the end of the day, all depending on each users preference. BlueStacks has recently been updated to Nougat (Android 7).

BlueStacks running on nougat will definitely bring about a lot of improvement along with the update. BlueStacks has the App store center right in your face, it has my Apps sub-tab as well as the Pico world game. We wouldn’t dive into the peculiarities of each sub-tab today but they are quite easy to use.

When you open a new application, into opens into a new tab and you can easily focus on one tab at a time. But users should also note that BlueStacks Android emulator is very bloated and could suck on the memory of your PC. A PC with high-performance specifications is recommended to run BlueStacks Android emulator.

BlueStacks might not be able to assign gesture buttons like swipe left on the keyboard. BlueStacks requires you to download suggested App in other to continue using them for free. The premium version is entirely ad free and costs around $24.

Nox player also makes our list of best Android emulators usable for PC.

Nox player

Best Android Emulators For PC 2018

This Android emulator boasts of very few disadvantages and you might even love to give it a go since it is free and doesn’t disturb with Ads too. it does key-mapping while you can also specify the amount of CPU/RAM usage to get the desired performance.


Best Android Emulators For PC 2018

In 2015, Memu came to town and it took its place as an Android emulator for PC. Looks very similar to BlueStacks although policies might not be exactly the same. Just like BlueStacks, it is based on Android 7. You can open multiple windows of the Memu player to multitask. But the feedback from users as regards delivering high graphics in heavy Android games hasn’t been impressive.


Best Android Emulators For PC 2018

This one is my personal favorite. Andy is more like a complete duplicate of what you see on your Android device right from the home screen, the menu and everything. It looks exactly like seeing your lollipop device right inside your PC. Andy has the option of using your Android phone as a controller while the things you do on the phone are projected on your PC screen. Andy is so easy to use.

These all depend on your preference. You ought to try them out before you can give a very strong verdict on which is best. But as for me, I love Nox player because it has no disturbing ads then I will follow closely with Andy since it looks exactly like my phone while other emulators also have their good side.

That’s it about the best Android emulators for PC. Don’t forget to subscribe for more update.

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