OMG! Nokia 9 Pureview Indisplay FingerPrint Is Being Bypass With Chewing Gum

Back in 2017 when Samsung released the Galaxy S8, there were reported cases of the phone being unlocked using the owners printed picture. The security flaw was proven by not just one user but many, however, it was fixed with security updates. The case of the Nokia 9 Pureview, however, feels totally weird.

Some Nokia 9 Pureview have reported cases where their Nokia 9 PureView device sometimes unlocks on unregistered fingerprint and objects of any kinds

A video shared via Twitter shows the Nokia 9 Pureview device being unlocked by someone else’s finger and using a packet of chewing gum by just placing it on the screen fingerprint sensor.

Some Reddit users have also reported issue where there Nokia 9 device is being unlocked with random unregistered fingers or objects.

However, the company announced a security update is rolling out to address this problem worldwide. So, if you’r a Nokia 9 user, you don’t need to panic, just download the latest security patch once it rolls out and your device should be more secure.

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