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5 Battery Saver Apps Every Android User Should Know

As smartphones have become an important amenity in our lives. Today, we have apps for every other task. So, it is very common to have tons of apps on your Android phone. With tons of apps on the phone, your phone’s battery drains and you have to run to plug it into the charger now and then. Isn’t it frustrating? Not anymore, now can install apps that can help you in maintaining your battery.

5 Battery Saver Apps Every Android User Should Know

In this post, we have listed some of the best battery saver apps for Android.

1. DU Battery Saver – Battery Charger & Battery Life

[appbox googleplay com.dianxinos.dxbs]

One of the best battery saver apps, DU Battery Saver is a light, smart battery saver app that extends your battery life up to 60%.

Features Of DU Battery Saver – Battery Charger & Battery Life

  • It allows you to save power in a single one tap. It finds and fixes battery power consumption issues.
  • It detects the cell phone temperature and warns when the temperature of the device is high.
  • It cleans the junk to save the battery of the phone.
  • It monitors the apps that drain power and reminds the user about high consumption apps.

2. Battery Doctor-Battery Life Saver & Battery Cooler

[appbox googleplay com.ijinshan.kbatterydoctor_en]

Battery Doctor is a free and professional battery saver app which stops the app from draining the battery of your Android phone.

Features Of Battery Doctor-Battery Life Saver & Battery Cooler

  • The app will stop the power-draining apps from running.
  • It monitors charging status and extends battery life when charging.
  • It also provides quick access to important settings like WiFi, data, and brightness.
  • It detects phone temperature and disables heat producing apps to cool down the battery.

3. Gsam Battery Monitor

[appbox googleplay com.gsamlabs.bbm]

GSam Battery Monitor is one of the best battery saver apps as it monitors and saves your phone’s battery.

Features Of Gsam Battery Monitor

  • It notifies about your battery state and estimated time left before you need to charge.
  • It overlays the stock battery icon with the icon pack add-on.
  • It informs all about an individual app that how it uses your battery – including wake lock details.
  • It helps you sort the app suckers by indicating CPU & sensor usage, app wake locks, wake time, and kernel wake locks.

4. Wakelock Detector

[appbox googleplay com.uzumapps.wakelockdetector]

“Wakelock” is a mechanism of power management service in Android OS, which can be used to keep CPU awake (Partial wake lock) and keep the screen on(Full wake lock). Wakelock Detector is the app that shows wake lock usage statistics for all applications, which ever held wake lock since boot.

Features Of Wakelock Detector:

  • It shows both CPU wake lock (Partial wake lock) and (Full wake lock) ;
  • It merges wake locks of the corresponding app into one expandable view for better user experience.
  • It shows active running applications in red colour.
  • It allows easy sorting options by running state, Wake lock time and Alphabetical order.

5. Greenify

[appbox googleplay com.oasisfeng.greenify]

Last but not the least Greenify is an app which maximizes the battery saving on Android 6+.

Features Of Greenify:

  • This app uses administrator privilege to turn off the screen immediately after automated hibernation on non-root devices.
  • If you greenify an app that means you would be aware of all the background functionality i.e. service, periodic task, event receiver, alarm, widget update, push a message of the app will become out of service during the hibernation except when you are using this app.
  • t controls the account sync of apps if its sync task is too frequent.

This is the list of some of the best battery saver apps that can help you in maximizing your battery life.  You should try any one of the above-listed apps for a long-lasting battery.

This is a guest post by Apoorv Bhatnagar. He’s currently working at Systweak Software, as an SEO analyst and technical Content Writer. His potential of writing is PC  tips, Android and Mac tricks and he is anxious in writing other technical blogs. You can also find Apoorv on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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