5 Ways to Turn Invoicing into a Marketing Goldmine

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Companies are constantly looking for innovative and downright more cost-effective ways to market their brands in order to build a competitive advantage. The last place they might bother to look in search of better marketing opportunities is their invoicing process. After all, how can asking for money help a company build better relationships with clients and customers, or improve their brand awareness and trust? Well, as any experienced marketer will tell you, there is a lucrative opportunity on every corner.

Invoicing in particular has the hidden potential to elevate your brand’s standing in the hearts and minds of your existing clientele, and attract potential clients to your doorstep through the power of testimonials, referrals, and word-of-mouth marketing in general. Here are the five effective ways you can unlock this potential and transform invoicing into a marketing goldmine for your brand.

Personalize your thank-you emails

Clients and customers need and want to be appreciated, and as the age-old business adage goes, they need a service with a smile. There is a lot to be gained in the long run by simply acknowledging your clients individually and conveying your thanks via email for every successful transaction and every invoice they pay in a timely manner. In turn, this simple automated feature will help you build trust and client loyalty.

However, bear in mind that the modern consumer also needs to be acknowledged as an individual, and will respond favourably to personalized emails and communication in general. With that in mind, be sure to tailor the copy in your invoices and emails accordingly, addressing the individual first and foremost.

Put your brand’s identity forward

When you build a strong brand identity, you have effectively built a powerful marketing tool that you can push through every communication channel in the online and offline world. From disseminating your brand’s visuals and stories on social media, all the way to branding your invoices with personality and a unique tone of voice, the possibilities for engagement here are endless.

Whether or not you are using an invoicing platform to send out your account receivables, you should craft them in a unique, branded way in order to improve brand awareness and effectively put your company’s identity forward. By weaving your tone of voice, visuals, and values into the copy, you can help solidify your position in the hearts and minds of your clients, and inspire them to think of your company as an inextricable part of their life.

Simplify the invoicing process

If there is a single guiding star you should always keep in mind when thinking of ways to improve your standing with the clientele, it’s to keep things simple and straightforward. In essence, the modern client quite literally “can’t even”, and they will not bother to jump through hoops in order to do business with you. This means that you should simplify and even automate the entire invoicing process in order to make their, and your, life easier.

This is why comprehensive direct debit solutions have become so popular in recent years across the business sector. They allow for seamless and quick brand-consumer transactions, effectively automating the recurring payment process in a secure and efficient way. Remember to implement these types of features across the board and not just in invoicing in order to reduce customer efforts and make doing business with you an enjoyable and rewarding experience. In turn, this will drive customer satisfaction through the roof.

Offer deals and discounts for early payments

People love incentives. Particularly, they love getting more for less, so one of the best ways to improve your relationship over time (and get your money early) is to provide incentives in the form of special deals and discounts to clients who decide to pay their invoices early. Figure out an amount you can sacrifice in exchange for early payment, such as five or ten percent, and offer the discount to every client that pays your fee in a specified timeframe. Before long, the news of these favourable conditions offered by your company will spread throughout the inner circles of the industry.

Build a better business with communication etiquette

Professional, personal, friendly, humble. These adjectives should define your communication etiquette, especially when you are writing the copy for your invoices, and per the individual client. Simply put, writing invoice copy with these keywords in mind will allow you to improve your overall customer experience and satisfaction, but also discover ways in which your brand can improve.

Use your invoices to solicit constructive feedback by asking your clients how you could improve on your processes even further. This will show them that you truly care about your relationship and that you put their needs first. Finish every invoice with a sincere thank you and don’t forget to make yourself available at all times if they need to reach you – this will improve brand transparency and trustworthiness.

In closing

Invoicing might not seem like a lucrative marketing prospect at first glance, but then again, that is why you need to get your marketing team on board every step of the way so that you can discover hidden business opportunities in the wildest of places. Use these tips to transform your invoicing process into a successful marketing campaign that will propel your brand forward as a whole.

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