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Airtel Nigeria Stops Unlimited Facebook (Free Facebook) On Its Network

Airtel Nigeria Stop Free Facebook On Its Network
Airtel Nigeria now puts a limit to the unlimited Facebook (Free Facebook) service which was introduced 2years ago and now allocates a certain amount of data for daily use to all subscribers.

A lot of change has been going around the telecommunication companys in Nigeria, just last year Etisalat was taken over by some group of company’s and now knows as 9mobile. Grand Master of data, Glo, waoed their subscribers by introducing a new data plan: 2GB For N500, 4GB For N1000, 180GB For N20,000 & Others for lite and heavy data users while closing on Christmas. Dail *777#.
Airtel started the free Facebook service May 2016 and it has been a good innovation in their network and many subscribers loved the idea although it was limited to viewing of media content on Facebook. Not long from the time Airtel started this service Etisalat(9mobile) also introduced the free basic plan early last year where subscribers can view certain websites at zero cost including Facebook. Also, Airtel introduce the 10X bonus on recharge late last year, giving 10 times the amount of what subscribers recharged on calls and data.
Until yesterday, while I was chatting with a friend, I received a message from Airtel showing they had stopped the unlimited Facebook (free Facebook) service and now capped at 20mb daily. So, I asked myself, is it that the number of Airtel subscribers using the free Facebook has drastically increased to a point where the company now thinks they should put a limited to the data consumption or maybe something else, that I’m not sure of.


Although the Free Facebook service is indeed a great one, but now the question is, why has Airtel brought it so low to 20mb?

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