Airtel SmartConnect 5.0 – Get 1.5GB For N500, 7GB For N1,500 Up to 11GB Valid For A Month

Airtel NG is back with another new one tagged ‘SmartConnect 5.0‘. As you would have guessed, it’s an upgrade on the Airtel smart connect 4.0. If you are familiar with the Airtel system, you would have known by now that Airtel SmartConnect is a default plan that launches with your newly purchased sim. A plan you cannot migrate back to once you opt-out of it. Airtel Smartconnect 5.0 offers 8X bonus on your recharge for calls, data and a whole lot more.

Just in case you missed the Ntel wawu promo and 9mobile newly launched plan for heavyweight data users, now you have a chance to enjoy a smallmoney BIGDATA offer from Airtel.

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According to a statement by Airtel on its Twitter page, it says;

‘We know you want more and we have just what you want. Imagine getting 1.5GB for just N500 or 3GB for just N1,000, yea its that good. Get double data and eight times your recharge value with Airtel SmartConnect, get an Airtel SIM today. #AirtelSmartConnect #smallmoneyBIGDATA

Airtel SmartConnect 5.0 And The Double Data

So we know smartConnect 4.0, and we know that Airtel SmartConnect 5.0 is the successor of the 4.0 version. Now let’s talk about what differentiates them, ‘Double data bonus‘.

With Airtel SmartConnect 5.0,

  • N500 gives you 1.5GB data, instead of 750MB.
  • N1,000 gives you 3GB data, instead of 1.5GB.
  • N1,500 gives you 7GB data, instead of 3.5GB.
  • N2,500 gives you 11GB data, instead of 5.5GB.

To Get Airtel #SmallMoneyBigData

  • Visit any Airtel shop or experienced centre to get a new Airtel SIM.
  • After registering the sim, you will be automatically migrated to the Airtel SmartCONNECT tariff plan
  • Insert the SIM into your phone and dial *141# to purchase data bundles in order to get extra data benefit.

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NB: You need a new Airtel Sim to be a beneficiary of this offer. Although some old users have double data active on their sim, it is just by chance and not the same as SmartConnect 5.0.

Airtel SmartConnect 4.0 Or SmartConnect 5.0 ?

Sims that have double data by chance would likely not be eligible for ‘8X bonus’. If you have a new sim that has been registered under the Airtel network for about a month or more you would most likely be in the SmartConnect 4.0 tariff (which is not quite what we want). Only a New Sim that is about a week old or less from now will be on Airtel SmartConnect 5.0 which guarantees the complete goodie bag.

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Existing subscribers on the network can also dial *144# to check if they are eligible to activate any double data.

Is Airtel Only Trying To Get Us To Buy New Sims?

Now that it is imperative to get a new sim if you must enjoy this offer, I must confess that I am kinda stuck in the middle here. I have an Airtel sim, less than 6 months old still on Smartconnect although the 4.0 version and its not eligible.

Should I go-ahead to purchase another sim because of Awoof? Is it worth it? Will they revert back and end this offer suddenly like Glo did a while ago?

Ultimately, the goal is to win more subscribers but I hope Airtel won’t do something absurd after some months. I hope we don’t hear things like ‘We don’t offer that service anymore sir, we apologize for any inconveniences we might have caused’

How To check your Airtel Smartconnect 5.0 data bundle

The Airtel “Small Money Big Data” package data bundle can be checked by dialling *140# USSD code, just the normal way you check your normal or regular data plans.

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Also, as part of the bonuses, it also gives ‘family and friends bonus’ each time you recharge. To register your F&F, simply

  • dial *311*2*AirtelNumber#, while you can
  • dial *311*3*AirtelNumber# to remove a particular number.

If you don’t want a new Airtel Sim and your current sim isn’t eligible for the new offer, you still have the Glo unlimited browsing blazing with AnonyTun VPN which you can opt for.

What do you think about the new offer from Airtel? Tell us in the comments. Join the Airtel Smartconnect Movement!

  1. Take down this information about Airtel Data Bundles. They are all false. Stop deceiving and cajoeing people to waste money.
    1K is for 1.5gb not 3gb

    Be Credible !

    • Hello, if you checked the date on this post, you’ll discover it was published in mid-2018 which means it’s not new. So, if you tried it and didn’t work, it probably because it has been discontinued. There a link to Airtel official Twitter handle inside the post which clearly displays everything that has been documented in this post, I believe you saw that? you can check again. If my post still shows up on search engines, it because it’s well optimized and you’re searching for something related to it. That doesn’t mean I just posted it or just using it to deceive people.

      However, you can get a new 4G Airtel sim if you’re not already using one. You’ll get 4GB free data (once) and 100% double data bonus for 3months. The sim must be inserted into a 4G enabled smartphone to get the 4GB freebie and the device must have not been used for the bonus before. Thanks

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