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Download Android Image Kitchen V3.8

Android Image Kitchen is a tool that allows users to unpack and repack boot and recovery images. The tool also lets you edit ramdisk files and tweak the components to your preference. With Android Image Kitchen (AIK) you can unpack boot/recovery images of any Android device running Android 2.3 up to Android 12.

AIK is also the best for porting custom recoveries for Android devices without official TWRP support. You can modify a working TWRP of a similar device for your device with AIK and get it working without issues.

How To Use Android Image Kitchen V3.8

Android Image Kitchen

AIK is pretty easy to use and doesn’t require any complicated setup. The tool is a portable application that doesn’t require installation to execute. It is available for Windows, Linux and Android. For the guide, I’ll be using AIK on a Windows PC.

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Steps to unpack and repack using AIK

  1. Download the latest Android Image Kitchen tool for your respective device from the link below.
    extract the download file.
  2. After downloading AIK, it should be in an archive format (.zip). Create a new folder and extract the tool to get the components.
  3. Now open the folder where you extracted AIK.
  4. Copy either your boot or recovery.img file into the folder. Note: you can only execute one file at a time.
  5. Double-click on unpackimag.bat to unpack your boot/recovery.img
  6. You will have two folders called ramdisk and split_img in the Android Image Kitchen tool folder.
  7. Go into any of the new folders and make any modifications you want to make.
  8. Once you’re done, double-click on the repackimg.bat to repack the image file you unpacked.
  9. A new image with the tag “image-new.img” will be created. That is your modified image file.
  10. Now, run cleanup.bat to clear all the image file components that you no longer need.
  11. You can now copy the image file out of the folder and flash it on your device.

That’s it. AIK is pretty easy to use right?

Android Image Kitchen V3.8 Download Links

AIK For WindowsDownload
AIK For LinuxDownload
AIK For AndroidDownload


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