Android Q Already ROOTED Before It’s Official Release

Android Q is the next line of OS in the Android ecosystem as we all know and rumors have suggested a number of outstanding features this new Android OS will bag. Although Android is yet to be a trend in the smartphone space since Android 9 is still yet to reach some devices and still been improved on. However, a lot of details will be uncovered regarding the next line of Android OS in Google’s I/O annual event which is expected to hold in the month of May. It may surprise you, however, to know that while there’s no news on the official release yet, the Android Q OS has already been rooted.

We all know the benefits of rooting a device comes with, it unlocks many possibilities on your device you might not have imagined your device is capable of. Rooting an Android smartphone also has its other side (the bad) which in most cases is not something to worry about if you really know what you’re doing, but for beginners, you may want to read reasons why you should not root your smartphone.

According to a recent report, a well-known Android developer John Wu has been able to officially root Android Q before its release. John Wu the creator and dev behind the popular Magisk root app took to his official Twitter handle to share his success in rooting Android Q.

According to Wu, the Android Q he rooted isn’t an official build but this has been able to answer the question of; will it be possible to root Android Q. Rooting Android is fun, one can tell from the Tweet above and thanks to the new Android Treble project, just any Treble enabled smartphone will be privileged to install Android Q.

This is a great news to Android fans and we’re just going to wait for the final version of Android Q to see what it is like.

However, the proof of this is the installation of Magisk in Android Q, something that is impossible to do for ordinary users. And not only that even the creator of Magisk also posted the proof in his Twitter account where he has shared an image showing Magisk running on Android Q.

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