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Some time ago I wrote an article on how to create new partitions on a hard drive without losing files, it was pretty easy for me at the time but then I came across Aomei Partition Assistant recently and I was impressed by the number features it houses. With Windows built-in disk management, you can only perform a few operations but with Aomei Partition Assistant, you get tons of really helpful features which you probably will not find on other partitioning or disk management tools.

In this review of Aomei Partition Assistant, we’ll be looking at its features, pros, and cons

AOMEI Partition Assistant 8.0 Professional

Aomei partition assistant

Aomei partition assistant is a free partition manager and disk management software, it offers basics disk partitioning which you’ll find on any disk management software as well as advanced tools to carry out advanced tasks.

Other than just creating, formatting or deleting a partition, Aomei Partition Assistant comes with some interesting feature which I personally find resourceful. One is the ability to create bootable media and secondly, the ability to create a portable Windows OS in a USB drive and use it on any PC/laptop. This is like running a Windows OS from a pendrive, so, if you’re running another OS like Linux on your laptop/PC, you can also run Windows form a flash drive if you don’t like the dual-boot idea.

Aomei Partition Assistant Main Features:

  1. Create/Format/Delete Partition: These are basic functions of any disk management software, you can create, format or delete a partition.
  2. Resize/Move Partition: Allows users to resize a partition or move a partition without data loss.
  3. Copy Disk/Partition: This lets you copy all your data or clone a partition Completely to another another partition easily.
  4. Migrate OS to SSD: Users are able to migrate their OS and data from an HDD to SSD drive with a single click (MBR disk to MBR disk).
  5. Merge Partitions: If you have multiple partitions or unallocated space, you can easily merge them to become a single partition, thereby increasing storage space.
  6. Windows To Go Creator: With this feature, you can create a portable Windows OS on USB drives which can be used with any laptop or PC on the go. Also, it can be used to migrate your current OS to another hard drive.
  7. Integrate to Recovery Environment: Integrate AOMEI Partition Assistant into Windows built-in recovery environment. This also allows users to restore lost or deleted partitions.
  8. Make Bootable CD Wizard: Lets users easily create a Windows PE bootable CD/DVD or USB without installing Windows AIK/ADK Kits.
  9. NTFS to FAT32 Converter: Users can convert file system between FAT32 and NTFS without data loss.
  10. Partition Copy Wizard: This tool allows users to copy partition or hard drive and put in another quickly. It also gives users the option to copy data only, or partition, sector-by-sector to another drive.
  11. Disk Copy Wizard: Copy disk from small old HDD to large new SSD to upgrade disk level and gain better disk performance.
  12. Convert GPT/MBR Disk: Users are able to convert between disk types without losing data (GPT and MBR).

Before you rush into downloading AOMEI PA, you may want to look at the highlights below;

PRICE – Is it free?

The partition assistant is not completely free, it is available in free and paid versions. The free version (standard), however, is limited to certain features that you might really need but you’ll still be able to use options like creating bootable media and other basic utility.

With just $47.95 you’ll unlock the premium features with also comes with a lifetime upgrade, however, you can only use the pro licence on two PCs. There’s also a server version meant for organizations and is also limited to two PCs per liscence.

It is fully compatible

Compatibility is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing any software, AOMEI PA, however, supports a wide range of Windows OS, it supports both 32bit and 64bit PCs from Windows XP all the way to the most recent Windows OS, of course, Windows 10.

Sadly, it doesn’t come with support for Mac OS PCs and laptops.

It is easy to use

AOMEI offers a clean and simple interface, you don’t need any expert knowledge to use the utility software, as long as you understand English you can use the tool without problems.

System requirements

AOMEI Partition Assistant doesn’t need a powerful PC or laptop before it can run smoothly, it can run on virtually any PC (modern or old). It requires just 500 MHz x86 or compatible CPU with at least 256MB RAM memory.

Other useful AOMEI Partition Assistant utility include;

  • Wipe Disk or Wipe Partition
  • Check Bad Sector
  • Check Partition
  • Change Drive Letter
  • Hide/Unhide Partition
  • Set Active Partition
  • Rebuild MBR
  • Initialize Disk

AOMEI Partition Assistant Pros & Cons

The good

  • Easy to use and clear interface.
  • Can do most partitioning tasks
  • Guides users step-by-step for quick task completion
  • You can queue up changes and apply once when you’re done
  • Ability to run at startup

The bad

  • The standard offers fewer features
  • limited to 2 PCs


AOMEI PA is a great utility tool for disk management and partition. It is convenient to use and any can make use of it

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A great disk management tool so far. It offers great feature at an affordable price and does the task pretty fastAOMEI Partition Assistant 8.0 Review | Pro