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Apple’s 2019 iPhone Could Have a Triple-lens Camera System

Tech gaint Apple could be producing a triple-lens rear-facing camera iPhone for 2019 according to a new report from Yuanta Securities Investment analyst Jeff Pu.

Pu bases the substance of his report on newly published results from Taiwanese smartphone camera lens manufacturer Largan, which show higher than expected revenue for the company inCould April. Largan, which supplies both Apple and Android phone companies, saw its revenue increase by 10.34% month by month.

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Pu believes that Largan will benefit from both Apple and Huawei’s adoption of triple-lens camera systems, as well as other smartphone companies. He assumes other smartphone companies will be influenced by Apple and Huawei’s new incorporation and are likely to produce similar models of their own. I guess we’ve seen that from Apple’s iPhone X production. Many smartphone companies have adopted the iPhone X design especially the notch design.

According to Pu, this will “provide a much-needed improvement in Largan’s capacity utilization rate.”

Pu’s suggested triple-lens iPhone follows aftee recent rumors about the 2018 iPhone line-up that said at least one of the three expected iPhone models to be released this year will have a 5x optical zoom, rather than the current 2x optical zoom.

Some of the benefits of the triple-lens camera system were listed on iDropnews which includes:

  • Incredible low-light performance.
  • Dedicated sensore enhances image detail.
  • Optical zoom.
  • Wide-angle capabilities and 3D depth perception.

There has been a lot of rumor about the coming iPhone production and we’re expecting to see Apple’s very first dual-sim iPhone and 5G iPhone from early rumors.

Source: iPhoneforum

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