Beginner’s Guide to Using an iTunes Gift Card 2019

Everyone loves receiving a gift for a special occasion. Well, gift cards are becoming popular gifts for all occasions. These eliminate the stress of having to worry whether the recipient will actually love the gift bought for them. With a gift card, there’s no reason to feign appreciation when you don’t actually love the gift. This card allows freedom to choose what to do with it and the items to buy. It’s actually more exciting than receiving a cash gift. Have you received a gift card for the first time? Below is a beginner’s guide to using a gift card. 

Type of iTunes gift card

There’re two types of gift cards. Therefore, you have to understand the type of card you’ve received. The first type of gift card is a store-specific card for shopping at a specific store. It’s a wonderful option if the sender knows your favorite store such as Apple. Secondly is the general-purpose gift card that requires using its monetary content to purchase whatever you wish. This works wherever other cards like American Express, MasterCard, and Visa are accepted. However, you have to understand the restrictions on your card. 

How to make the most from your card 

After receiving a gift card, it pays to familiarize yourself with its ins and outs. You must know details regarding limitations, where to use it, types of goods it can buy, the card value, and how to redeem your card points. It’s very important to understand the nitty gritty of using your gift card to avoid unnecessary deductions from the funds on your card. Let’s show you how. 

Card exchange is possible

When you receive a store specific card you don’t want, thank the giver but find a way to use your card. It’s possible to exchange your card for cash online. It’s now so easy to find where to sell iTunes gift card online for the best value. You can get paid in cash such as Naira, RMB, CEDIS, or BTC. You just have to find a trusted agency that offers transactions at a time of your convenience with a processing period of about 3 minutes.  

Check the card expiration date

Keep in mind that some gift cards expire within 6 months to a year with some that go a bit longer. Ensure to check the card expiry date to avoid losing its value. It’s impossible to redeem the value of a card that has expired. The date of expiry is usually on the front or back of the gift card. You just have to take time to read the fine print. 

Understand how to redeem your card 

Gift cards such as the iTunes card must have their value redeemed to get their worth. Luckily, this is possible after following a seamless process on the company website. Redeeming your card allows knowing its worth and balance. This will ensure that you know how much is left to use on the card to avoid embarrassing moments after using more than you can afford. You might have to top up with cash if your shopping goes beyond the card balance. 

Be wary about cards with a monthly fee

All gift cards aren’t the same. Therefore, check whether your card requires a monthly maintenance fee. This might be less than a dollar or a little bit more depending on the initial amount of the balance. The trick is to make purchases quickly to avoid losing a substantial amount of your card value. 

Bottom lineA gift card is a wonderful gift but understanding how to make the most of it will make this handy accessory more worthwhile. The info above comes in to help you understand how to put your first-time gift card to good use.

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Beginner’s Guide to Using an iTunes Gift Card 2019

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