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11 Best Android 12 GSI ROMs You Can Install

The Best GSI ROMs For Android

Are you looking for a stable Android 12 GSI ROM to install on your treble-supported device? Then, this post is for you. In this guide, I will be sharing some of the best and most stable Android 12 GSI ROMs for all Android devices with project treble support.

Except your Android device has an official custom ROM support, finding a stable GSI ROM can be a daunting task as you will be required to download several GSIs, install and test their performance to see whether they can be used as a daily driver.

There are so many GSI ROM out there, each offering some unique set of features that makes it stand out. Some GSI focuses more on delivering a featuring-rich OS that will help you get more things done fast and easily, some have their strength in performance and we have a number of ROMs that give priority to security. In other to help you get away from the stress of having to download and test every new Android 12 GSI ROM you stumble upon, we have put together a list to help you pick the ROM that suits you.

What Is A GSI (Generic System Image)?

GSI or Generic System Image is a system image with adjusted configurations for Android devices that can be easily installed on a Project Treble-compatible device. It’s considered to be a ‘Pure Android’ implementation with unmodified AOSP (Android Open Source Project) code. Although project treble became official with Android 9 (Pie) almost all devices released with Android 8.0/8.1 Oreo comes with Project Treble support.

You can grab GSI ROMs for both x86 and ARM64 CPUs architecture and install on compatible Android phones. If you’ve been in the custom ROM community for some time now, you will know that there are several GSIs available for Treble-compatible devices, most of which are builds of popular custom ROMs Pixel Experience, Crdroid, AOSP, Havoc to mention a few. These GSIs bring a personalized Android experience for fans.

Advantages Of GSI ROMs

Faster software updates

Since project treble was introduced into the Android ecosystem in 2017, more Android fans have been able to easily upgrade their devices to a newer Android version with GSIs (Generic System Images). Project treble simply opened the door that was closed for many Android fans who have always wanted a custom ROM for their device. With GSIs, you can easily try out new Android OS versions on your device even when your manufacturer stops giving you updates.

Supports all devices

Regardless of what brand of device you have, you can install a GSI ROM if your device doesn’t have official custom ROM support. You can always try new Android OS versions like the just released Android 13 and others to come.

No bloatware

If you’re not using a Pixel device or devices running stock Android ROM, you’ll get lots of bloatware, many of which are just duplicate of apps that you don’t need. This is common among brands that offer custom skin like OneUI, MIUI, HiOS, and many more. GSIs, however, don’t give you that. Like custom ROMs, you get to decide what to install, leaving you with more free space and better performance.

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Best Android 12 GSI ROMs In 2022

Without a particular order, here are some of the best Android 12 GSI Roms that you can install on your devices.

Note: Most of the ROMs we have listed here don’t come with Gapps by default and you may have to download and flash the Gapps package from your favourite Gapps providers such as OpenGapps, NikGapp, BitGapps, FlameGapps and MindTheGapps.

1. Corvus OS

Official Website: Corvusrom

Best Android 12 GSI ROMs

Corvus OS is arguably one of the best AOSP-based GSI ROM for Android devices. It is a feature-rich ROM that focuses on stability without compromising performance and security. Corvus OS offers tons of customization options, you can tweak almost everything from the status bar down to the navigations.

The ROM is smooth and has a nice UI. Although it has proven itself to be one of the finest ROM out there, it is not the best ROM for gaming. This doesn’t imply that you cannot play games on the ROM, you can play your favourite games but may not get the best performance. Corvus OS Android 12 GSI currently supports 64bit ARM devices only.

2. LeOS

Official Website: LeOS

Best Android 12 GSI ROMs

For anyone looking for a privacy-focused OS that is also free of Google’s services, LeOS (Leaving eOS) is the best ROM for you. LeOS Android 12 GSI is a great ROM for any Android device, it doesn’t provide a lot of customization options but has good performance and is very stable.

LeOS is an AOSP-based ROM like many others, it replaces Google services with Micro G service so that your private data are not collected and sent to Google’s server. One thing I find really interesting about the ROM is the fact that you cannot install gapps (Google apps) and you’re not presented with device registration during setup.

The ROM is available for both 32bit and 64bit ARM devices.

3. Ancient OS

Official Website: Ancientrom

Best Android 12 GSI ROMs

Ancient OS is one of the most popular custom ROM for Android. It is an AOSP-based ROM that focuses on the three major aspects of an OS – Performance, Security And Stability. Like Corvus OS, it provides several customisation options so that you can tweak your device to your taste.

Ancient OS offer a unique UI with smooth transitions. The ROM is constantly updated and gives users something new with each update. The GSI is available for both 32 and 64bit ARM devices.

4. CrDroid

Official Website: Crdroid

Best Android 12 GSI ROMs

CrDroid is yet another popular ROM that is feature-rich without going “crazy” on the UI. The UI is pretty basic, however, there are a lot of things you can customize in the ROM. The ROM has great performance and is always updated with the latest security patches.

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CrDroid Android 12 GSI offers the same AOSP experience that is exclusive to Pixel devices. The battery management is great and is available for 32 and 64bit ARM devices for downloads.

5. Pixel Experience

Official Website: Pixelexperience

Best Android 12 GSI ROMs

As the name implies, this ROM gives you the same Android experience as that of a Google Pixel device. Unlike other ROMs, you don’t get heavily tweaked UI or many customization options. This ROM focuses solely on features that come with the Pixel devices out of the box.

Pixel Experience is the best minimalistic ROM and one of the most stable too. It is a CAF-based ROM with a clean UI, great performance, and good battery management. However, the ROM is only available for 64bit ARM devices.

6. ProtonAOSP

Official Website: Protonaosp

Best Android 12 GSI ROMs

This is one of the few Android ROMs that invest mostly in delivering the best performance while offering a clean UI. It has good memory management and offers tons of Pixel-exclusive features to help you get more done fast and easy.

If you don’t care too much about privacy and security, ProtonAOSP Android 12 GSI ROM is one of the best that you can install and use as your daily driver. The ROM, however, still offers some features to help keep your private data in check. The ROM is only available for 64bit ARM devices.

7. Cherish OS

Official Website: CherishOS

Best Android 12 GSI ROMs

Cherish OS is another AOSP-based ROM that takes inspiration from the Google Pixel. It offers a nice and clean UI with some customization options so that you don’t get bored of the looks. Cherish OS is stable, has great performance, good battery management and is always updated with the latest security patches.

Cherish OS Android 12 GSI ROM is one of the best ROM for treble-enabled Android devices that you should try. It is only available for 64bit ARM devices.

8. Lineage OS

Official Website: LineageOS

Best Android 12 GSI ROMs

This list won’t be complete without mentioning Lineage OS ROM. This is arguably the oldest Android ROM to date. Lineage OS is one of the most stable ROM, it provides the latest AOSP experience along with free opensource-apps.

Like Pixel Experience ROM, Lineage OS doesn’t come with many customization options. It keeps things clean and simple. It is a good Android ROM if you want simplicity over heavy customization and features. The ROM can be installed on 32 and 64bit ARM devices.

9. Project Blaze

Official Website: ProjectBlaze

Best Android 12 GSI ROMs

Although not a performance-centric ROM, this AOSP-based ROM delivers a decent performance that gets you through heavy multitasking and gaming. It has a simple and clean interface while offering several customization options to help you achieve the balance you want.

One thing I really like about the Project Blaze GSI ROM is the ability to choose between Android 12 and 11 QS panels if you’re not a fan of the new design. Personally, I find the new QS panel boring and having to do more taps to get things that usually require just a tap done.

Overall, it is a great ROM worth installing. The ROM can be installed on 64bit ARM devices only.

10. Arrow OS

Official Website: ArrowOS

Best Android 12 GSI ROMs

Arrow OS keeps things clean like Cherish OS with not so many features to help you get the best performance from your device. It is an AOSP-based ROM that is heavily focused on stability and providing a better battery life for your device.

Also, the ROM gets regular security updates and is available for 32 and 64bit ARM devices.

11. Spark OS

Official Website: SparkOS

Best Android 12 GSI ROMs

Also based on AOSP, SPark OS is one of the most customizable ROM in the Android community. The OS is unique in itself as it has been built to give you a different look from AOSP while retaining some of the AOSP experience. Spark OS Android 12 also comes with some Pixel-exclusive features and a built-in adblocker for a smoother and uninterrupted Android experience.

It is one of the best Android 12 GSI ROMs you can install on your device. It can be flashed on 32 and 64bit ARM devices.

Which Is The Best Android 12 GSI ROM For 2022?

Before I answer that, you should know that there are many other stable Android 12 GSI ROM out there and your favourite ROM may not be on this list. he GSI ROMs on this list were picked based on how quick they are updated to meet the users need.

Before you can choose the best GSI ROM, you need to consider how you intend to use it. If you’re someone who wants stability, decent performance and maybe a little bit of gaming, then, you can’t go wrong with any of the GIS ROMs on this list. However if the sole reason if for installing is to get more features and customization, then, you’re better off with ROMs like Corvus OS, Ancient OS and Spark OS.

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If the primary reason for installing a GSI ROM is performance (gaming), ProtonAOSP will give you just that. You can learn more about these ROMs on there official website and browser through the XDA forum to learn what other people are saying about the ROMs before you install them to get a better idea. That’s it, have fun flashing.

Best GSI ROMs Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to unlock Bootloader to Install a GSI ROM?

Yes, your device bootloader needs to be unlocked to install a GSI. Some ROMs, however, allows you relock your bootloader and use them as stock.

Can I use banking and streaming apps on GSI ROMs?

Yes, most GSI ROMs now comes with a SafetyNet fix that lets you bypass Google security checks and use your banking apps and streaming apps like Netflix, Disney+ and others.

What is the difference between custom ROMs and GSI ROMs?

Custom ROMs are devices specific ROMs (ROMs that are built for a particular device) and cannot be installed on any other device. GSI ROMs, however, are modified AOSP image ROMs that can be installed on any trebled-enabled Android device, regardless of the brand.

How to install a GSI ROM?

You can install a GSI ROM using a custom recovery like TWRP or by flashing through ADB and fastboot.


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