12 Best Battle Royale Games For Android In 2021

On this page, you’ll find the list of the best battle royale games for Android devices and their download links.

Battle Royale is undoubtedly one of the most popular gaming genres in the mobile gaming community, it combines gaming genre like OpenWorld, Fps, multiplayer, survival etc into a single body to deliver mindblowing gaming experiences for mobile gamers. You’ll find tons of battle royal games in the Google Play store with each having its own unique features. Some of the best battle royale games for Android even aren’t even on the Play store but in this post, we’ll be looking at the once available on Google Play store.

PUBG is undoubtedly the most popular battle royale games on the Android platform. The game is loved by millions around the world and is also one of the best first-person shooter game. Call Of Duty: Mobile has also caught a lot of attention after it released in October 2019 but still has lesser players compare to PUBG and Genera Free Free. So, if you’re a smartphone gamer and want to try some other interesting BR games, below is our compiled list of the top battle royale games for Android.

List Of Best Battle Royale Games

  1. PUBG (Player Unknown Battlegrounds)
  2. COD (Call Of Duty: Mobile)
  3. Garena Free Fire
  4. Fortnite
  5. Cyber Hunter
  6. Rules Of Survival
  7. Creative Destruction
  8. Ride Out Heros
  9. Knives out-No Rules, Just Fight!
  10. Brawl Stars
  11. Battlelands Royale
  12. Survival Heroes – MOBA + Battle Royale

PUBG (Player Unknown Battlegrounds)

Best Battle Royale Games For Android

Player Unkown’s BattleGrounds mobile is the most popular battle royale games for Android and one of the best fps games too, it has over 100 million downloads in the Google PlayStore. It is also one of the most played royale game on PC.

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PUBG puts you in a 100 player battle royale mode where you compete with each other for survival and the last man standing becomes the winner. The game provides regular updates and constantly adds new features, accessories, and characters which allow players to try new things

PUBG also come with other modes in the game such as zombie mode, deathmatch etc. and players can customize their characters and accessories.

The game can be played on all Android devices whether high-end, mid-range or low-end, however, is it advised that people with low-end devices opt for PUBG Mobile Lite to enjoy a smooth experience.

[appbox googleplay com.tencent.ig&hl=en]

Call Of Duty: Mobile

Call Of Duty Mobile for Android and iOS
Call Of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile is the current buzz in the battle royale gaming genre, it received the award for the best game of 2019, outranking PUBG. COD is the best rival to PUBG, unlike PUBG, COD throws you into a war zone, giving the PC-like COD experience.

The game features iconic characters from different version of the PC game including Soap MacTravish, Captain Price, Simon Ghost Riley and a few more.

The game also gets regular updates like PUGB and continuously adding new elements, event, maps, weapons and characters from time to time. COD Mobile runs smoothly on high-end and mid-range device, low-end devices on the other and may experience lags.

[appbox googleplay com.activision.callofduty.shooter&hl=en]

Garena Free Fire

Best Battle Royale Games For Android
Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire has the highest number of downloads on the Google Play store. It’s weird that it doesn’t get as much chatter as PUBG and COD Mobile. Rumours have it that PUBG is actually a clone of this game. It has over 500 million downloads.

While PUGB offers 100 players battle royal mode, Free Fire only allow 50 players to compete against each other and the time frame for a single battle royale is 10 minutes.

Free Fire offers a simpler control when compare to PUBG, it also comes with unique themes and content. Although Garena Free Fire didn’t create a buzz like PUBG and COD, it is one of the best battle royale games for Android availabe in the Google PlayStore.

The game runs smoothly on all smartphones from low-end to high-end and consumes less space. It is completely free to download.

[appbox googleplay com.dts.freefireth&hl=en]


Best Battle Royale Games For Android

Fortnite is one of the most popular battle royale games for Android, but you won’t find Fortnite on the Google PlayStore due to some disagreement between the game developers. It is famous for its crafting features which allow players to quickly build a shield to protect themselves in the middle of a match.

Fortnite features tons of interesting event, game mode, weapons, vehicles and has a wide variety of interesting characters. The game is constantly updated and adding new characters as well. Another cool feature in Fortnite is that you can break almost anything, blocks, wall and even cut down a tree.

The game is available for free and can be downloaded from Epic games official website. Unfortunately, not all device can play Fortnite, see the list of compatible devices.

Cyber Hunter

Best Battle Royale Games For Android
Cyber Hunter

Cyber Hunter is more or less a Sci-Fi battle royale game, it throws you into a world of adventure giving experience unlike any other. It also features a 100 player battle royale mode like others.

Each players get a robot assistant that goes everywhere with them and if you’ve played Fornite, you’ll discovered that Cyber Hunter has that Fortnite feel too.

One of the funny and interesting features I like about this game is the fact players can actually climb walls and other buildings like Spiderman. If you have a low-end Android device, I suggest you download the lite version.

[appbox googleplay com.netease.lztgglobal&hl=en]

Rules Of Survival

Best Battle Royale Games For Android
Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival is a PUBG clone which adds a warzone experience. While most BR games bring 100 players into battle royale mode, it brings 120 players to compete in the battle royale mode for survival.

The game has recoreded over 50 million downloads on Google Play Store, while PUBG and Free Fire can still be enjoyed on low-end device, Rules of survival will only runs at it best on high-end phones. The games consumes space, and also demands for high performing processor to run smoothly.

It is one of the best free battle royale games for Android, it has easy controls but lags on most mid-rand and low-end phones.

[appbox googleplay com.netease.chiji&hl=en]

Ride Out Heroes

Ride out heroes

Ride out heroes is one of the best first-person battle royale games. It combines both ancient and modern style of fight. You can use magic and craft epic weapons, you can fight with guns, swords, bow and arrow and ride on bizarre creatures.

The game also has this interesting but funny feature, when you’ve taken other players life points, they turn into this adorable little dragon and start running round till you finally kill them. It makes me feel like I’m a bad person, Lol.

Ride out heroes also uses a little futuristic tech and has good graphics. It is fee to play and can be downloaded from Google’s Play store.

[appbox googleplay com.netease.RideOutHeroes&hl=en&gl=US]

Creative Destruction

Best Battle Royale Games For Android
Creative Destruction

Creative Destruction is a Fornite clone and one of the most popular battle royale games for Android. It also brings crafting features like Fornite and its controls is simple too.

Like most battle royale games, you’ll be playing against 99 other layers in the battle royal mode matches. and you can switch between first-person view mode or third-person view mode.

The game graphics are amazing, download and discover more cool stuffs it contains.

[appbox googleplay com.titan.cd.gb]

Knives Out

Best Battle Royale Games For Android
Knives Out

Knives Out is another good battle royale game available in the Google PlayStore, it has over 10 million downloads. It bags similar features to other battle royale games, however, it has a few drawbacks.

Cheaters a too many in the game and it may bore the gaming experience you’d expect. It graphics also needs to be worked on and the game lags at times.

The game features other modes too like sniper battle, team fight, 50vs50 mode and others. Above all, it is a good battle royale game.

[appbox googleplay com.netease.ko]

Brawl Stars

Brawl satrs battle royale

I was tempted to download brawl stars after seeing the advert on Facebook a couple of time and turns out to be a great game. It comes with a lot of interesting game modes like gem grab, showdown (a battle royal mode where you can play as solo or duo), brawl balls (if you’re a football fan, you can show off your skills here, no red card😁) and many more.

Apart from the battle royal mode, in every other mode, you play a 3v3 multiplayer and even allows players to design there own maps. Brawl stars has some interesting characters too which each having its own unique abilities. It is a fun game to play and free.

[appbox googleplay com.supercell.brawlstars&hl=en&gl=US]

Battlelands Royale

Best Battle Royale Games For Android
Battlelands Royale

Battlelands royale is another fun to play battle royal game, it throws you against 32 other players, where you fight for survival and the last man standing emerges the winner like others.

The game doesn’t come with lobby feature like other battle royale game, it just wants you to play until you don’t want to stop playing😁. You can play team matches, however, the games as limited modes and lacks environment destruction features too.

Nevertheless, it is still on of the best battle royale games for Android and available for free in the Google PlayStore.

[appbox googleplay com.futureplay.battleground]

Survival Heroes – MOBA + Battle Royale

Best Battle Royale Games For Android
Survival Heroes

Survival Heroes brings a different approach to the battle royale gaming, unlike all the previous games we’ve talked about, this game focus more on the traditional ways of battle which includes using swords, bowl and arrows, axes etc. No guns.

You get to play with 99 other players in the battle royale mode, and interestingly, the game also has magical elements which make the game a lot more exciting.

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The controls are great, great graphical content, and costumes. So, if you’re looking for a different battle royale gaming experience, you should play survival Heroes.

[appbox googleplay com.snailgamesusa.survival]


These are the best battle royale games for Android, you can choose from any of the above listed and play for free. If you’re having a low-end device, I recommend you go for PUBG lite and Battlelands Royale. With 2GB of RAM, you can still enjoy Survival Heroes and Free Fire on low settings, others require a high-performance CPU to run smooth.

Lastly, if you want an immense viewing experience while playing, you can download Android emulator and play on PC.

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