10 Best Screen Recorder For Windows PC – Free And Paid

Hey guys, in this article, we’ll discuss the best screen recorder for Windows PC. Are you familiar with screen recorders? Did you know before now that you could record your screen on PC? You can play games, do tasks/tutorials and have your screen recorded on Windows PC. Everything you do on your system can easily be presented to others while maintaining high quality unlike what you get when you use an external device like digital cameras to record your screen.

Just before we move down to my very best recommendations of screen recorder for Windows PC, we should see why screen recorders are useful for every PC user.

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Reasons Why You Need A Screen Recorder On Your Windows PC

Screen recorders have had a way of making things easy for computer users. Just by installing a program, you don’t stress, waste money or other materials. You can do PC tasks without your friend or sibling holding the camera behind you. With Screen recorders you can:

» Record a tutorial from PC

About 50% users of screen recorders use the screen recorder to capture step by step tutorial sessions. Are you willing to share with someone how you password to your zip files? Or things as little as shutting down a computer system. A screen recorder is what you need. A lot of the YouTube guys like to use a screen recorder for PC related tutorials.

» Share PC experience With Others With A Screen Recorders

Are you experiencing an error and you want to get help from a forum or friend or help center? Or you are one of those who like to flaunt their windows interface /experience? A screen recorder might just come in handy.

» You Need A PC Screen Recorder To Upload gaming Videos

For the gamers, a screen recorder is a real deal. It helps you to capture your exploits and landmark achievements as you navigate through different stages and the kind of skill and finesse you use to execute these games.

» Doing A Product Review

For online buyers and sellers, digital marketers and so on, you can easily do illustrations of products through your PC and have the screen recorded at once.

Most of this screen recording programs have the capability to insert slider text to further describe the video message. They also allow audio simultaneously in the recording. Some have a sophisticated video editor too.

The idea behind screen recording is just so similar to screenshotting and thankfully, there is an article here that explains that extensively on the blog. See how to take a screenshot on a Windows PC.

10 Best Screen Recorder For Windows PC

Screen recorders aren’t just unique to PC only, they are also available on Mac. But you’ll definitely understand our biases since Windows is most widely used amongst majority computer users.

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I have a list of them, the best 10 you can make use of in 2019. Maybe you’ve always wanted to capture your PC task step by step with no missing details, record your screen then, with this PC recording software.

List of the Best 10 screen recorder for Windows include:

#1. Smartpixel

10 Best Screen Recorder For Windows PC 2018

This is a great screen recorder for Windows PC that offers so much in terms of quality. With smart pixels, you would get so much picture quality even though so much space won’t be consumed on your storage.

There is a very big disk optimization function inbuilt. The quality does not end there as everything appears to be smooth and seamless both while recording in your picture-in-picture mode and most importantly, the output. There is a video editing platform at your disposal only that all of these might not be maximized to the fullest if you are not on the paid programme.

Smartpixel PC recorder offers two (2) available plans to subscribers, the Free and the VIP. While the free attracts no fee, the VIP is split into 3 according to your choice of payment plan. SmartPixel licenses are available for $15.90 USD for one year, $40.90 for 5 years, and $63.90 for a lifetime license. With this PC screen recorder, there are no watermarks or time limits of about 10 minutes in the VIP unlike in the Free.

#2. ActivePresenter

10 Best Screen Recorder For Windows PC 2018

ActivePresenter is such a popular free screen recording software for PC. It has gone so viral due to its very amazing features. It comes in three (3) different plans. The Free, Standard and Professional. In the free and standard versions, there’s a lot to enjoy while video and images outputs include JPEG and PNG images, WMV, AVI, MPEG4, WebM and others. While the only problem with ActivePresenter is the presence of very visible Watermark on the free version.

#3. Tinytake

10 Best Screen Recorder For Windows PC 2018

Tinytake is a freemium screen recorder for PC which offers some of the possible best any other screen recorder can offer. Tinytake is a screen recorder that has some editing tools built in it. With its editor, you can add captions, descriptions and many more.

Tinytake screen recorder also offers a cloud storage option in addition to its primary storage which is the local storage like PC hard drive. Only that more than 50 percent of the best this programme has to offer is not available on the free mode. Free mode is also limited to just 5 minutes of screen recording and also 2GB of cloud storage. Although there are no watermarks to blemish your videos time limits can be so frustrating. So there you have it for tiny take.

#4. Flashback Express

10 Best Screen Recorder For Windows PC 2018

The cool thing about flashback Express is the unlimited recording time and the absence of watermark on the free version. Meaning at no cost you can record your PC screen for as long as you want.

This sounds like a complete package, right? Yes, too good to be free. But there’s a premium version that will only see you miss it’s the if you don’t upgrade. With Flashback Express, you will only need to upgrade if you feel you need an editor.

This means that if you have a video editor already, the regular version might be enough. To use this PC recorder, you will be required to fill a short form and then a free license will be sent to you. The makers of flashback express also launched a screen recorder exclusively for gamers called FBX. FBX is completely free and you can check it out.

#5. Camtasia Studio

10 Best Screen Recorder For Windows PC 2018

Camtasia Studio is one of the best screen recorder for Windows PC that has earned all the respect available when it comes to PC recording software. It has been in the game for over a decade and this is why it is heads and shoulders above many other substitute PC programs.

For guys that are still skeptical about Camtasia, you shouldn’t be. If an App has improved over the years, has a good review from the public, logic also will suggest how good the App is. Camtasia studio is regarded the all-in-one of PC screen recording software. You can record anything, anyhow, window or full screen, PowerPoint presentations, you name it.

The editor allows you some unbelievable freedom too. Cut, trim and many others. But there could be a little problem with going for Camtasia studio, the price could be too massive. In spite of all the amazing features, the makers of the screen recorder have tagged a worthy price along with the app. The trial only lasts 30days as users are mandated to but the App for at least $299.

#6. CamStudio

10 Best Screen Recorder For Windows PC 2018

Camstudio, Often mistaken for Camtasia studio, CamStudio is quite different and it offers a lot less. CamStudio does not enjoy all the high reputation Camtasia studio has but it gets the job done. As opposed to what you get on Camtasia, CamStudio is a free screen recorder for Windows PC that doesn’t even have any price plan. So you can always enjoy this free system recorder without any cost in mind. Another big advantage this computer program offers is it’s the ability to record audios from different sources.

#7. Screencast-o-Matic

10 Best Screen Recorder For Windows PC 2018

With $15 per year, you can enjoy a lot from Screencast-o-matic. Not so much, right? Absolutely. $15 per year is actually a token for unlimited access with the App. You can decide to stick with the free version where you will only be disturbed by some watermarks and around 15 minutes in a time limit.

#8. iSpring Free Cam

10 Best Screen Recorder For Windows PC 2018

iSpring free cam is a 100% free PC screen recorder for Windows that at no point in time disturbs you to pay or upgrade. There are no big limitations except for a few which I will be sharing later on. This PC screen recorder is exceptional. It integrates perfectly for YouTubers while they can share videos from the App with just one click.

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But most importantly, iSpring free cam has no time limits, no watermarks, no pop-ups to prompt upgrade or anything of such. iSpring free cam gives you basically all that you need for a good PC recording including audio-video editor and you can do noise reduction with this tools. The only not too cool thing about iSpring Free Cam is that it outputs recorded videos in WMV format and the highest video quality is in 720p.

#9. OBS Studio

10 Best Screen Recorder For Windows PC 2018

This is a free screen recorder for Windows that offers everything it’s got to offer for free. As long as you can maneuver through the App, your success with this Free recording software is in your hands. There are no forced watermarks, No time limits as you would have guessed, and every other tool that makes this program rank high on our list will be at your service. OBS Studio is a cross-platform programme which is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. So regardless of your platform, you can always get this PC recorder.

#10. Ezvid

10 Best Screen Recorder For Windows PC 2018

The last but definitely not the least on my list is Ezvid, the program that makes screen recording easy to do. It has a very simple interface that requires no sophisticated knowledge to walk through the application. One of the main reasons you should consider Ezvid is its ability to yield high-quality videos. It creates HD videos, has a video maker, and most interestingly, the app is free with no premium plans available

There you have the list of the best 10 screen recorder For Windows PC, you wouldn’t be stuck or confused as for what to choose. You want the highest quality regardless of the price? You have Camtasia studio. You want free with good quality? You have iSpring cam, Ezvid and many others. There is an ocean of choice now, as long as they match your criteria, you can choose.

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