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Top 5 Best Web Browsers for Online Gaming in 2022

If you’ve landed on this page, that means you enjoy playing online games and you’re looking for the best web browser for online gaming activities. You’re probably tired of the glitch experiences, popups, and latency issues with your current browser and looking for a good alternative. Well, search no more. In this article, we’ve compiled the list of the top web browser that’ll satisfy your online gaming needs.

There are several web browsers available online that you can install for your online gaming activities. While some of these browsers will serve you quite well, you may want to consider some factors like privacy and security, speed, features, and others before choosing your browser.

Chrome is undoubtedly the most popular web browser on both PC and mobile platforms and it is also one of the first browsers that’ll come to your mind when you think of online gaming. Having a good web browser will have already solved 80% percent of your online gaming need but you also need a good internet speed to fill up the 20% that is left.

You can check how fast your internet is using an internet speed test tool and if you’ve got a pretty decent internet speed, let’s see some of the fastest browsers you can install for online gaming.

List of Best Web Browser For Gaming Online

Opera GX gaming browser

1. Opera GX

Opera Gx is a gaming dedicated web browser. The browser was launched in June 2019 featuring a glowing neon interface with a touch of RGB feel. The browser is perfect for online gaming. It comes with RAM Limiter and CPU Limiter features which let users control CPU and RAM usage on PC. 

The browser also comes with Twitch integration, giving users quick access to live videos from games streamers around the world, see who’s online, and choose to receive notifications whenever someone you follow goes live. Users can access Twitch via the browser sidebar just above the Opera GX control panel.

Additional features include a dedicated gaming news section called GX Corner where users will find trending news on all gaming categories across all gaming platforms. There are also GX sounds, GX Design, and several other interesting features.

All other features on the main app like the WhatsApp and Messenger integration are still present and many more.

2. Google Chrome

Even while being a RAM-hungry browser, Google Chrome stands out as the best web browser out there. Chrome offers many features, making it one of the top contenders for online gaming. Chrome is pretty fast, and the fact that Flash player is now disabled completely in the browser makes it a suitable browser for online games.

If you’re looking for the best browser for Flash games, Chrome probably isn’t for you. However, if you enjoy playing other browser-based MMORPG games and others, then, Chrome is your best bet.

3. Firefox

Firefox has been one of the best alternative browsers to Chrome. It is a very popular browser known for taking privacy and security seriously and reliable. 

Although Firefox is a fast browser, a lot of studies have revealed that it uses even more RAM than Google Chrome when put under intense multi-task. Nonetheless, it is one of the best options for online gaming.

Firefox also works well with virtual and augmented reality games, you can play whatever online games you enjoy. It is the best choice for those looking towards browsers for VR games and AR experiences online.

4. Safari

Safari is another great web browser for gaming online. Although it is exclusive to Mac computers, the browsers houses tons of amazing features and delivers a good gaming experience for users. In terms of performance, Safari does pretty well on Mac computers than Chrome.

The browser comes with great features auto-block videos which helps reduce distractions on social media sites. Safari browser will be getting even more features and performance boosts in the upcoming macOS Monterey and iOS 15.

So, if you’re coming from the Mac side, I recommend you stick with this browser. Except, you have a good reason not to.

5. Opera

Opera is very popular for its lightweight and fast browsing experience. If you’re running a low-end PC, Opera would be the best choice of browser for you. This is because the browsers offer some features specifically to help boost your browsing experience on a low spec computer.

Some of these features include;

  • A turbo protocol that reroutes traffic through Opera’s servers. This basically increases processing speeds for those with low bandwidth.
  • It compresses data, so pages load faster. This is particularly useful for mobile gamers
  • It auto-blocks adverts.

With these, Opera users can enjoy online MMO games even if they don’t have a high-powered desktop or internet connection.

That’s it for our list of 5 best web browsers for gaming online in 2022. If you have other good browser suggestions you feel need to be on the list, tell us in the comment box below. Cheers.


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