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Blaze On: The Flexible Timely Plan From Etisalat

Blaze On: The Flexible Timely Plan From Etisalat

After some series of drama in the past few weeks, Etisalat are trying to put their subscribers in check✅ with this new one.
It’s a timely based plan called BLAZE ON.
Allows you unlimited access, unlimited download and upload of data, but a limited time according to your specifications and budget. Actually,this one is pocket friendly, moreover, Etisalat boasts of a decent network quality especially in their data services. So i guess this is the right way to go.
As you would have guessed, they are not alone on this one, BLAZE ON is powered by Comptel’s FWD solutions. FWD is a cloud-based solution that enables contextual, time-based data packages to be purchased directly from end user devices. It makes the data purchasing process more personal for consumers, allowing them to purchase mobile data in bite-sized chunks that are easier to understand and manage than traditional, rigid data packages. So if you’ve got that really large software to download, here’s a tip: Get yourself a really nice place with a remarkable network reception ? and blazeon, Lol.
Truth is, you could be done with all downloads under 10mins ? if there was that fast data bandwidth everywhere in your country. To set up this service, customers on the Etisalat network must download the BlazeOn App from the Etisalat website: , you can check Google play Store as well. Available and compatible with Android OS 4.0 and higher while iOS subscribers can’t have the app for now. The app gets you connected, does all the work and answer your questions. 10mins to 1 hour is valued at N50.00 to N200.00 just across that range.
Make the best out of this plan peeps, you don’t have to wake up 12am or wait for any specific peak hours. Its Flexible to the core so that you can Blaze?N.

NB: Fair Usage Policy May Apply.

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