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Call Of Duty Mobile Season 6 Update Brings New Map, Game Mode And More

You can't miss the new ‘Annihilator’ Skill

Call of Duty Mobile season 6 has rolled out with the latest game update, bringing amazing new features to the game ranging from maps to games modes and more. There are a lot of things to talk about in the let’s Call of Duty: Mobile update, but below are the selected ew we’d like to share with you guys.

Once Upon A Time In Rust

With Season 6, COD Mobile has introduced Once Upon A Time In Rust, a small size map that throws you into an oil yard in the desert. This feature may not be new to Call of Duty fans on PC has this feature was already available in Modern Warfare 2.

Once Upon A Time In Rust
Rust Map

Rust offers some high valued power position to make survival more challenging. Players will be able to play in Rust Map in a 2v2 Showdown, Rapid Fire, and Hardpoint mode. Another map called Saloon will also be coming to the game in Mid-May and exclusive to 1v1 Duel game mode.

New Operator Skills

Annihilator revolver in Call of Duty mobile
Annihilator revolver in Call of Duty mobile

COD Mobile season 6 also adds a new operator skill, Annihilator. It comes with Free Battle Pass and gives you a lethal and stylish revolver from Black Ops. The Annihilator revolver is so powerful that it’ll kill your enemies with just a single shot, but you have to make sure the shot hits them on their upper body. See the Annihilator in action here.

Poltergeist Battle Royale Class

The ‘Poltergeist’ battle royale class makes players invisible for a short period giving an upper hand over your enemies. You’ll be able to sneak up to enemies unnoticed, however, enemies can detect you when you’re close range. Maintaining your distance while using the class will make it more effective.

Poltergeist class in Call of Duty Battle Royale
Poltergeist class in Call of Duty Battle Royale

The Poltergeist battle royale class will become available by the end of May.

New Game Mode

COD Mobile is also introducing two new game modes, (1) Kill Confirmed — Here the objective is to kill players and collect the dog tags they drop to score points for your team (2) Capture the Flag — the game objective is to capture the opposing team’s flag and bring it back to the player’s team’s flag. You’ll receive points only if an enemy has not got hold of your team’s flag.

Cryo Bomb

Cryo bomb is new Tactical equipment that gives you an edge over your enemies, once it sets off, it creates an array of frost slowing down the enemies caught in the blast. This will be available in Multiplayer loadout in mid-May through a seasonal challenge.

Cryo Bomb
Cryo Bomb

Lastly, players will find new addition in the battle royale mode, Aerial platform comes back with some improvements and several other new developments in the game. Update and discover more yourself.

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