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TWRP 3.2-0 Custom Recovery For Tecno Spark 2 (KA7)

TWRP 3.2-0 Custom recovery for Tecno Spark 2 (KA7) with Android 8.1.0 Oreo OS, kernel 3.18.79+. This recovery is fully touch supported after market open source recovery image. With this recovery, Spark 2 users can easily root and modify their devices. TWRP allows you to flash custom ROMs, backup your phone, restore from backups and much more. To install TWRP Custom Recovery for Tecno Spark 2 (KA7), Follow the simple step by step guide ahead.

TWRP 3.2-0 Features:

  • Install Zip (From SD Card, Internal Storage, OTG Storage)
  • Advanced Wipe Menu (Dalvik, System, Cache, Data,
  • Internal Storage, SD Card, USB Otg)
  • Advanced (Backup | Restore) Menu
  • Advanced Mount Options
  • TWRP File Manager
  • Advanced Reboot Option
  • Completely Material Themes
  • Easy And Simple
  • Proper Detail Of Task
  • Showing Progress In Percentage
  • Automatically Flash More Than One Zip File One By One
  • File Manager
  • Brightness Control
  • Full Touch


TWRP for Tecno Spark 2 KA7
TWRP Recovery for KA7

Device info:

- Name: Tecno Spark 2
- Model: KA7
- Chipset: MT6580
- Kernel: 3.18.79+
- OS Version: Android Oreo 8.1.0

Recovery info:

- Recovery Name: Team Win Recovery Project
- Recovery Version: v3.2-0
- Status: Stable
- Current Stable Version: Unofficial

How to install the latest TWRP custom recovery for Tecno Spark 2 (KA7)

Follow the step by step guide below very carefully. This site will not be responsible if you damage your device flashing this recovery to your device.

Unlock Bootloader

» First off, Download and install adb and fastboot tool on your PC.

» Once you’ve installed adb and fastboot, enable USB debugging on your device in developer option.

» Now, we need to unlock the bootloader of your device. Note unlocking your bootloader will clear all data on your device, so it’s advisable you backup before proceeding.

» If you’ve already backed up, connect your device to the PC and launch adb and fastboot tool.

» In the command line interface, enter the following command.

adb devices

» The first command will establish a connection between your PC and phone, so, grant any permission prompt from your phone’s screen.

» Once a successful connection is established, enter the next command to reboot to the bootloader.

adb reboot bootloader

» In bootloader, enter the following command to unlock.

fastboot oem unlock

» Reboot your device after a successful unlock with the command below and wait for your device to boot.

fastboot reboot

Flash Recovery

» Now, download TWRP 3.2-0 for Spark 2 from the link below.

» Once the download is complete, extract the recovery image to a folder.

» In your desktop, right-click on adb and fastboot to open file location. Make sure the folder contains adb and fastboot files.

» Copy the extracted recovery.img and paste it in adb and fastboot folder.

» Now, enter the following command in your command line interface to see if your device is still connected.

fastboot devices

» Once you’ve confirmed the connection, it’s time to flash the recovery. Simply enter the command below to flash recovery.

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

» Now reboot your device.

fastboot reboot

That’s it, now, you’ve successfully flashed TWRP 3.2-0 custom recovery for Tecno Spark 2 (KA7).

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- Jackson Makinda (Porting for KA7)
- Izaq Kull 
- Mazen Yasser
- AMD Devs
- 4PDA Devs
- others


  1. This does not work. When I go into recovery mode, I get No command.
    And when I use the workaround for that all I get is the default Tecno Recovery screen. Please respond on time.

    • I’m not really not sure while it’s not working for you cause I’m also using it on both1GB & 2GB Ram without any issue… Is your bootloader unlocked? And what was the error u got

  2. Hi, I just unlocked the bootloader and flash the TWRP, however when I restart the device in recovery mode, I just see the little green robot (the original recovery). How to access the TWRP menu?

    • It means you haven’t enabled OEM unlock in your device. Go to developer options and enable OEM unlocking.

      In case you don’t find the developer options in your settings, go to about phone and continue to tap on your build number until you see you’re now a developer.

  3. Yes I have done it. When I tried to boot to recovery I sometimes get that green Android robot and below it is written no command

    • No it won’t. We’re working on TWRP for Spark 3 already. We’ll publish a test version once ready.

    • Hi, click here for Tecno Camon 11 TWRP. Please provide the chipset and kernel version for S1 Pro so i can upload TWRP for it.

  4. updates the download link. from what I saw after installing TWRP, you should immediately go into recovery and flash the Disable file of No_verity_opt_Encrypt to not remove the TWRP

    • The No-verity file is basically for removing encryption on the device. However, formatting data in twrp will keep it from going back to stock on reboot

  5. I have tried everything this isn’t working,device is not booting to fastboot and how do I get recover.img is not on any of the file I downloaded.

  6. Thank you so much I’ve been able to flash the twrp successfully but the latest version wasn’t able to flash so I used previous version 3.2

  7. Hi bro,
    Thanks for this! Buh i’m having a few issues..
    If I use the command “fastboot flash recovery recovery.img”, I get “no recovery found in location/directory”
    Please I need your assistance asap!


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