Download Anonytun beta v5.0 apk for unlimited internet

In previous Glo 0.0k posts, we talked about the Anonytun VPN, the Tweakware, and the UC handler methods. The Anonytun has been on our lips lately as it has overshadowed the prowess of the mighty Tweakware 6.4.

Download Anonytun beta v5.0 for unlimited internet

And interestingly there is even a new modded version to rectify the flaws the official versions might have. Use Anonytun beta v5.0 to better your browsing experience on Glo 0.0k now.

Anonytun VPN Description

Anonytun beta v5.0 apk has the same look as the official Anonytun only that this beta version is even more colourful. The foreground colours, background colours, the Header tab and the switch/button colours have all been tweaked.

Checkout: Tweakware v6.4 with unlimited bandwidth on Glo Network.

The logo has also gone from Orange to red and has also been rotated up to 180°. Even though it still has the same architectural build with the official version, it can still be easily differentiated.

The features of AnonyTun Beta VPN

  • It is ads free
  • Very fast and download speed is definitely better than the official version of the VPN.
  • It has a beautiful and friendly interface with same configuration settings with Anonytun.
  • It doesn’t consume battery, ram or hangs your phone since it is ads free and is not heavy.
  • This last feature is still one of the reasons I rate Anonytun VPN highly compare to the other internet tweaking VPNs.

Download AnonyTun Beta V5.0 Apk. You don’t need to uninstall the official AnonyTun VPN. You can install both of them on your phone and run them when you want but not simultaneously. You could also want to compare them(which is junior? Which is senior?) Lol

Configuration Setting

  • Use your default access point settings (APN) i.e the Gloflat
  • OR modify your settings to this below or whichever works for you. Actually, everything works for me.
  • Name: anything
  • APN: glosecure
  • APN Type: Default, Supl
  • Proxy: Blank
  • Port: Blank
  • Username: secure
  • Password: secure

This Glosecure APN could help convert you into a PAYu subscriber. But its not necessary when you are already on payu.

You can also try using: Tweakware remote tweak on Tweakware VPN

If you’ve such message after your last Glo sub, it indicates you are on payu. Meaning you are good to go, but if otherwise text payu to 127 and use the Glosecure APN.

Now launch AnonyTun Beta.

1. Tap on CONFIGURACIÓN (Stealth Settings)
2. Then turn on Tunel VPN ON/OFF
3. Change Connection Protoco to HTTP
4. Change Puerto to 80
Anonytun vpn - Download anonytun beta v5.0 for unlimited internet
4. Turn on PAYLOAD (Custom TCP/HTTP Headers)
5. Click on EDITAR PAYLOAD (Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers)
6. Now use below settings
7. URL/Host:
8. Request method: POST
9. Injection method: Normal
10. Tick User-Agent, keep alive, forward host, online host
11. Leave other boxes un-ticked
12. Click on GENERATE, then SaveAnonytun vpn - Download anonytun beta v5.0 for unlimited internet
13. Click on CONECTAR, wait a few seconds for AnonyTun Beta to connect.

There you have it, browse all you want until you don’t even wanna surf the internet. Don’t forget to share.


  1. I always wanted to update my anonytun app. I will download this update I’m really grateful for the update. Your article was easy to understand. Thanks for the article.

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