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Download the latest Android Image Kitchen tool for unpacking and repacking boot.img and recovery.img Android files. Android Image Kitchen (AIK) is a simple command-line tool that makes it easy to edit boot.img and recovery.img Android files. This tool is particularly useful if you’re trying to port a custom recovery for your device.

How To Use Android Image Kitchen

  1. Download Android Image Kitchen from the link below.
  2. Extract the zip file into a folder.
  3. After extracting the file, you will find an Android_win_tool folder, author.txt file, and three command line .bat file (unpackimg.bat (for extrating boot.img or recovery.img files), repackimg.bat (for compiling the extracted boot.img and recovery.img file) cleanup.bat (for cleaning unpacked recovery files).
  4. Copy your boot.img or recovery.img into the folder containing AIK files, don’t copy and paste it in the Android_win_tool folder.
  5. Run the unpackimg.bat to extract the boot.img or recovery.img files.
  6. Once you’re doing editing the boot.img or recovery.img file, run the repackimg.bat to compile the files back to a .img file format.
  7. The newly edited file will be named new-image.img.
  8. Copy the edited boot.img or recovery.img and flash.

That’s it.

Download Android Image Kitchen Boot And Recovery.img Tool

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