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FIFA 23 Mod FIFA 14 APK + OBB Data File Download

On this page, you’ll find the download links for FIFA 23 Mod FIFA 14 APK + OBB Data with the latest transfer update section, new kits, and how to install the APK, OBB, and data files on your Android device.

The FIFA 23 mod is based on the original FIFA 14 Mobile game for Android and is often referred to as FIFA 23 Mod FIFA 14 APK + Data and OBB for Android.

FIFA 14 was released by EA Sports back in 2013 for various platforms like PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. It was one of the most popular entries in the long-running FIFA soccer video game franchise, known for its realistic graphics and physics engine at the time. However, as each new FIFA game gets released every year, older entries like FIFA 14 eventually become outdated as real-world rosters change.

This is where the FIFA 23 Mod for FIFA 14 comes in. The mod essentially takes all the latest player names, teams, kits, and squads from the newest FIFA 23 game and imports them into FIFA 14. This revitalizes FIFA 14 by bringing it up to date with the current real-world details from the world of professional soccer.

The FIFA 23 Mod FIFA 14 works by modifying the database and asset files used by FIFA 14 to load team and player data. Everything from the English Premier League to La Liga to international teams is updated to match the current rosters in FIFA 23.

FIFA Mobile is one of the best football games for Android and iOS developed by EA Mobile and EA Canada and published by EA Sports.

Gameplay Impressions of the FIFA 23 Mod FIFA 14

When you get the FIFA 23 Mod FIFA 14 running, it really is like playing a remastered version of the game. Visually, the updated kits, the player faces and hairstyles make FIFA 14 feel much more modern and current.

The overall presentation holds up surprisingly well as a soccer match from 2022/2023. It still looks and plays like FIFA 14, but with rosters that soccer fans will be familiar with following the current season.

Of course, the core gameplay itself is unchanged – it’s the same engine and mechanics from FIFA 14, which feels more arcade-like and faster-paced compared to newer FIFA games. But many fans prefer the feel of older FIFA games anyway.

Interestingly, some fans even prefer the gameplay of the FIFA 23 mod in FIFA 14 compared to FIFA 23 itself! Since it combines modern rosters with FIFA 14’s engine, some find it provides the best overall experience.

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Testing out the updated teams is a blast as well. Seeing the latest signings like Erling Haaland in a Man City kit or Robert Lewandowski in Barcelona colors is cool and makes matches exciting.

Overall, the FIFA 23 Mod FIFA 14 breathes new life into the decade-old FIFA 14, making it feel somewhat new and modern. It’s a must-try mod for any FIFA fan who still has fond memories of FIFA 14 and wants to relive it with updated squads.

The FIFA 23 Mod FIFA 14 APK comes with three new modes; Trophies, Penalty Shootout, and Achievements. These new modes can be unlocked by progressing in the game. Also, in all these modes, gameplay will be a little difficult, you will face tough challenges, but that only makes the game more interesting to play. There’s no fun without challenges, right?

The latest FIFA 2023 Mod has been updated with the best graphics, Super Star Players, modern Stadiums, attractive kits, well-designed Jerseys, new players, improved AI processor game attributes, a new style of live camera, a new menu, and more.

What’s New in FIFA 23 Mod?

  • Updated team rosters – All teams from popular leagues and competitions around the world are updated with their latest real-world player transfers and squads from FIFA 23.
  • New kits and jerseys – The mod features 2023/2024 kits and jerseys for all major clubs and national teams, keeping the looks fresh.
  • New player faces and hairstyles – Player faces and hairstyles are updated based on the latest FIFA 23 details.
  • Accurate player attributes and skills – Player stats and skill moves reflect the current real-life players.
  • Adds missing national teams – Some smaller national teams that were missing in FIFA 14 are added to the mod.
  • Additional boot/cleat mods – There are new boot packages added from FIFA 23 into FIFA 14.
  • Updated skill moves – New skill moves, celebrations, and set piece systems from more recent FIFA games are brought into FIFA 14.
  • Updates every transfer window – Player transfers are kept up-to-date during transfer windows to accurately reflect real-world squads.
  • Bug fixes – Various bugs and glitches from the older FIFA 14 game are fixed.

By installing the mod, FIFA 14 almost feels like a whole new game that holds up better against recent FIFA titles while still retaining the classic FIFA 14 gameplay.

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  • 1GB RAM or higher
  • 3GB Free Space or higher
  • Android OS 7.0 or higher

FIFA 23 Mod Apk FIFA 14 + OBB Data Download Links

Follow the link below to download the mod FIFA 23 APK, OBB, and Data on your device. You’ll need an archiver app to extract the zip file. I recommend ZArchiver App for Android.

The FIFA 23 Mod FIFA 14 APK has a total file size of over 1.3GB. However, after decompressing the compressed APK, OBB, and Data file on your device you may get a bit higher installation size.

How to Install FIFA 2023 APK + OBB Data On Your Android Device

  1. First off, download FIFA 2023 APK and OBB Data from the link above.
  2. After you’ve downloaded the APK file and OBB data, go to your device security settings and enable installation from an unknown source.
  3. Now, extract the download zip file, You’ll find the “main APK” file, OBB, and data file.
  4. Install the FIFA 23 app but don’t launch it yet.
  5. Now, copy the data folder from the extracted zip file folder to the Android » Data folder.
  6. Next, copy the FIFA 23 OBB file to the Android » OBB folder.
  7. Once you’ve copied all files and folders to their respective places, return to your app drawer, and launch the FIFA 2022 App icon.
  8. That’s all

How to Install FIFA 23 Mod Commentary?

After installing the FIFA 23 Mod FIFA 14 APK, the game won’t have commentary by default. You need to download the commentary file over the internet. To set up commentary in the game follow the steps below:

  1. Connect your phone to the internet/wifi.
  2. Launch the FIFA 22 Mobile game and tap on the customize option.
  3. Now, tap on update squad, and a pop-up will appear, decline the request (tap NO).
  4. Return to the main menu go to the game audio settings and download commentary in your preferred language.

How to Change Game Language?

If you would like to change the game language to your preferred language, then, do as stated below:

  • Download this locale.ini file on your device.
  • After downloading, you may find the file having a .txt extension, remove the .txt from the file name (you should have the final file as locale.ini).
  • Now go into your file manager and find the following folder – Android/data/ (Overwrite the existing locale.ini file in the folder and if not found, just paste the new file].
  • Once the file is in the destination folder, open the file using any text editor app you have. In the text editor, search for DEFAULT_TEXT_LANGUAGE and change ENG_US to any language of your choice using the codes below:
ENG_US for English (default)
FRE_FR for French
SPA_ES for Spanish
GER_DE for German
ITA_IT for Italian
JPN_JP for Japanese
KOR_KR for Korean
CHS_CN for Chinese
RUS_RU for Russian
POR_BR for Portuguese
DUT_NL for Dutch
  • After that save file and start the game.

Possible Problems and Fix for FIFA 23 Mod FIFA 14 APK After Installation

In some cases, you may experience the app force closing when trying to play the game. Here’s what you should do if you face such a problem:

  1. Launch the game select your team and proceed to the Kits changing screen.
  2. On the Kit changing screen, select “Simulate” to simulate before a match.
  3. Wait for the simulation to complete.
  4. Now, tap on the check button to continue the game.

Now, you can start playing the FIFA 23 game offline on your device. If you have any trouble with any of the FIFA 23 mod FIFA 14 APK+ OBB data download links, let me know in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to join our Telegram Channel (and group) and stay updated.

Final Words

Installing the FIFA 23 mod into FIFA 14 breathes new life into the aging but still fun soccer game. With updated rosters, kits, player’s faces, boots, and more from the latest FIFA, it provides a refreshed experience playing the classic FIFA 14 gameplay.

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The mod can be installed on all Android versions. It delivers one of the most complete and accurate representations of the current 2022/2023 club and international teams from around the world.

FIFA gaming fans who want the best of both new and old can try out the FIFA 23 mod for FIFA 14 on their Android devices with 2023 squads via a patched APK and OBB file. Overall, it’s an enjoyable blast from the past that feels reinvigorated for the present day.


Is FIFA 23 an Offline Game?

Yes, the FIFA 2023 mod is an offline game and doesn’t require you to download additional data to play

Is FIFA 23 Free?

Yes, the mod FIFA 2023 mobile game is completely free.

Can I download FIFA 23 Mod From Google Playstore?

No, the FIFA 23 Mod FIFA 14 Apk for Android isn’t available on Google Play Store and you’ll have to download and install it manually on your device.



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