Glo 22X Plan: Everything You Need To Know

The Grandmaster of data, Glo has introduced a new prepaid plan for its customers dubbed Glo 22X Plan. The new prepaid plan rewards all Glo prepaid subscribers with amazing data bonus (up to 5GB free data) and 22X their airtime on every recharge. The 22X plan, however, doesn’t come with a USSD subscription code.

So how do you get the benefits?

The 22X data and airtime bonus are activated by default for all existing Glo prepaid customers whose line for have been inactive for up to 30days. For example, if you’ve not used your line for 30days and recharge N100 or more, you’ll receive 5GB of data free and 22 times your airtime value to call any network.

So, if you have abandoned your Glo SIM for a while, now is the time to dig it out and enjoy the sweet offer from Glo.

Glo 22X Plan FAQ

How Can I Be Eligible For Glo 22X Plan?

Ans: You simply need to keep your line inactive for up to 30days. After 30days pick up your line and recharge a minimum of 100 Naira.

Glo 22X Plan Subscription Code?

Ans: The plan doesn’t require yo to dial any USSD code to activate.

What Is The Call Rate On Glo 22X Plan?

Ans: Glo to Glo calls are charged at 60k/sec while calls to other networks are charged at 75k/sec. This rate is charged from both your main balance and bonus balance.

All calls are charged from your bonus balance. Your main balance will only be deducted when your exhaust your bonus.

How Much Is Charged For SMS?

Ans: SMS is charged at N14/msg from your bonus balance. Your main balance is charged at N4/msg.

What Is The Glo 22X Plan Bonus Validity?

Ans: The bonus is valid for 7days.

Will I get 22X bonus if I recharge with Glo e-Top Up?

Ans: Yes, the bonus applies to both physical and e-recharge platforms.

How Do I know The 22X Bonus Is Active On My Line?

Ans: You’ll receive a confirmation text after every recharge. But if you do not receive a text, simply dial #122# to check your 22X bonus.

Can I share my 22X bonus with other Glo customer?

Ans: NO, both data and airtime bonus cannot be share or transferred to another Glo customer.

Don’t forget to link your NIN number to your Glo SIM if you haven’t yet.

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