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Tired Of Reading Lengthy Web Pages? Let Google Assistant Read it to You

Have you ever stumbled on a lengthy web page and reading it feels kind of stressful and would prefer listening to story on the page or have someone else read it to you? Well, the new Google Assistant “Read it” feature will give you that.

Google Assistant “Read it” is a screen reader that aims to make it easier for smartphone users to read lengthy contents on the web as audio.

This feature was announced at CES 2020 and can translate text in 42 languages in four different voices (Lime, Jungle, Royal, and Sapphire). This simply means that a user can decide to read an article written in English in his own language.

Google Assistant – Read it

To use this new Google Assistant feature, all you have to do is open up the web page you want to read and say “Hey Google, read it” or “Hey Google, read this page.” Google Assistant will then read the entire page out loud, auto-scrolling the page and highlighting words as it goes.

Google Assistant “Read it” also comes with a few controls like play/pause, 10-second rewind, and 30-second and there’s also the ability to slow down or speed up from .5x to 3x, just like podcasts.

Read it will also help reduce eye strain since users won’t have to keep their eyes on their device for a long time when reading on the internet.

Currently, Read It feature is only available to Android users and will most likely be available on other mobile platforms in the nearby future.

Do you like this Google Assistant new feature? Let us know if you tested it out already.

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