Google Duo Video chat for Web is Now Available

The search giant, Google has officially rolled out its well-known video chat app service for the web. Just like the WhatsApp web, however, Duo for web works as a standalone service, unlike WhatsApp which must be paired with your phone to send and receive texts. As we all know, Duo already is available on Android, iOS, and Chromebooks PC, and now, Google has decided to expand support for the web making it easier for users to connect with friends and family across the world.

Google Duo Video chat for Web
Google duo for web

Duo video chat for web supports a wide range of browsers which includes Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and other chromium based browsers. Microsoft’s Edge browser on the other and isn’t supported. Duo for web offers a clean and simple interface; If you already have a Duo account, once you log in, all your contact will be synchronized and listed below. Google Duo for web also supports browser notifications for incoming calls (voice or video).

Google Duo Video chat for Web

Google duo for web

How to get started with Duo on the web

  1. Simply visit from your web browser.
  2. If you’ve already have a Duo account, click I already use Duo as seen in the above screenshot and
  3. if you’re new to Duo simply proceed to creating a new account.
  4. Once the next page, you’ll be asked to verify your mobile number
  5. Once verification is complete, you’ll be taken to the web interface of Duo.

That’s it. Interestingly, you can also use Duo for web from your smartphone, although it not actually meant to be used on smartphones browsers since it has the mobile app. You can decide to ditch the mobile app and free some space for more app.

To use Duo for web on mobile browsers;

  1. Visit the website. You’ll be asked to install the app from either Play Store or Apple’s App Store, just ignore it
  2. Now click on your browser option and enable desktop site
  3. This will request your web pages to view as desktop mode
  4. Now, reload the site and viola.
  5. If you try making a call, you’ll be prompted to grant camera and mic access, just accept and you’re good.

This will come handy for does who doesn’t have a good camera installed on their PC for better clarity in video calls.

So, what do you think about this? share your views and thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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