How Is 2018 Going to Be for Torrents? 

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Piracy is quite the issue these days, and it should not come as a surprise that torrenting will suffer from it. Since people use torrents to share files illegally, without sparing a thought for copyright laws, torrenters will have to be more careful than ever before. If you are wondering how 2018 will fare for torrents, then read on to learn more.


How Is 2018 Going to Be for Torrents? 

We all know many torrent sites have been shut down these past few years due to copyright laws, yet, hundreds of millions of people still torrent files every day, regardless of the legal implications.

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Looking at the Bigger Picture

Numerous steps have been taken to combat piracy. Entertainment companies are on the hunt for those that share content protected by copyright laws, but the real question here is what are the chances of getting caught and punished for carrying out such acts.

It is safe to say entertainment companies; be it gaming, movies or music would love it if internet piracy came to a halt once and for all. However, things are not that simple, nor is piracy going away that easily. This applies to torrenting as well.

A huge sum of money is spent to prevent the unlawful distribution of content. Many strategies have been introduced over the years to make it so, but they only target end users.

Considering the fact the world is a big place, and how piracy is dealt with differs from region to region, torrenting is not going anywhere. Of course, the only problem that remains is that torrenters don’t exactly know if they are putting themselves at risk or not.

Understanding the Risks Involved

Accessing copyrighted content comes with risks, as mentioned earlier. Torrenters are without a shadow of a doubt distributors, while their IP addresses are public, meaning they are incredibly easy to track. In fact, such torrenters can be tracked with little to no equipment.

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Even though torrenting is not exactly safe or secure, not enough is being done about those partaking in piracy. If you look at the US, the chances of being caught are quite slim. A small number of pirates are actually persecute to the full extent of the law.

What is interesting is that the Six Strikes Copyright Alert Systems run by the RIAA and MPAA, responsible for sending notices and whatnot to torrenters pirating, is no longer functional as it was discontinued in January of 2017; for reasons unknown.

As for the UK, seeing how copyright trolling is not a problem anymore, considering how copyright trolls have left the UK, it looks like torrenters in the UK are free to torrent to their heart’s desire. Even though their actions are not ignored, and there is even a warning system in effect, a few thousand people still do receive notices from their ISPs for infringing copyright laws.

So far, there are no punishments for those that are caught in the act, even for those that have been caught doing so on countless occasions. Keeping this in mind, it is safe to say that there is no plan to bother torrenters, but things could change in an instant, seeing how everything is kept on record without fail.

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What this means is that even though torrent users’ IP addresses are exposed, they are doing what they do without any problems at all. But then again, there are torrenters that do not want to take such a risk, which is why they resort to using VPNs to switch to different regions in order to remain safe, secure and anonymous.

If you are not sure what a VPN is, and how it helps, these virtual private networks allow you to connect to one of many servers across the globe. Once connected, not only will you become invisible, but your information is protected from all, even your ISP for that matter.

Why is there Little Enforcement?

There are a number of reasons why there is a lack of interest towards torrenters. Firstly, it will require a lot of resources to track down millions of users and then deal with them accordingly. But even then it will not prove to be useful since people nowadays rely on VPNs to hide their original IP addresses.

Secondly, people now download content from streaming sources, like Kodi for instance, which are practically untraceable.

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On the other hand, people believe there is no reason to bother with pirate sites, since people usually rip content from YouTube, and other similar streaming sites. More attention is being paid to stream-ripping, which is why there is not as much chatter about torrenting as there was before.


All in all, people torrenting content are taking huge risks. The act of downloading and sharing files is illegal through and through, and is punishable by criminal and civil courts. People can end up being handed huge fines, or they may even have to serve a jail sentence. But in reality, people downloading and sharing torrents are less likely to get caught, but there is no reason why they should not play it safe by using a VPN.

So what do you think? share your views about torrents with us in the comment box, we’d love to hear from you.

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