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How To Delete Your Facebook account Permanently

In this guide, you’ll learn how to delete your facebook account permanently with simple steps.

Facebook is the biggest social network in the world with around 1.13 billion active users every single day. An uncountable number of profiles are created every day. Many people post almost all of their life activities on Facebook and for some people, it’s only a medium to remain connected with their old friends and remember their birthdays.

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Sometimes you want to get out of your Facebook life and enjoy the real world. You can deactivate your Facebook account, better still you can also delete your Facebook account permanently if you want to leave Facebook for the rest of your life.

How To Delete Your Facebook Account Permanently

If you have more than one Facebook account and you don’t wanna have multiples, then you found the right thread for that. You can delete other facebook accounts you have and render irrelevant permanently.

First, Backup your Facebook Data

Log in to your facebook account and Goto settings, While in the General tab, click download a copy and then click start my Archive

How To Delete Your Facebook account Permently

Enter your Facebook account password. Click Submit. Click Start My Archive in the Request My Download box.

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Facebook will then gather all your data and send the copy to your registered email address

How to deactivate your Facebook account

Next, go to Settings and click on the Security in the left pane then click Deactivate your account.

How To Delete Your Facebook account Permently

Steps to delete your Facebook account permanently

Step 1. Log into your Facebook account.
Step 2. Now, visit this link,
Step 3. Click Delete My Account.

How To Delete Your Facebook account Permently

Note: It will take 90 days for Facebook to delete all your photos, videos, posts, likes, comments, messages, and everything else. Other Facebook users won’t be able to visit your profile during the deletion process.


However, the text messages, images you’ve sent to your friends via chat will reside at their end because they’re a part of their account also. You can ask them to delete your messages.

That’s it, you’ve successfully deleted your Facebook account. Don’t forget to share if you find this information helpful.


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