How To Get 6.2GB Of Data On Glo Network With N1000

If you’re using the new Glo 1.2GB for N200 bundle, well good news for you, you can now accumulate the data up to 6.2GB for N1000 only. This year’s festive season hasn’t been so great in the data space, affordable is yet to become a thing amongst internet service providers in Nigeria but they keep bribing us to use their service with limited offers. Well, it didn’t just start today, so we can always manage, lol…

Airtel introduced a new download bundle for subscribers weeks ago after scrapping the Airtel Trybe night bundle, even though it’s not such a great offer, we still get to enjoy 1GB for as low as N350 for daily download tasks. We also have the MTN 1.2GB for N500 and 9mobile’s 1GB for N200.

Glo Special Offer 1.2GB For N200

The Glo special offer which was shared some days ago, of course, the 1.2GB for N200 can now be accumulated; meaning you’ll get 6.2GB of data for just N1000. Originally, this data last for only 3days but now, the more you accumulate the more your data expiry date extends. Arguably, this is one of the best offer at the moment but it’s so sad the many won’t benefit from it due to incompetent data traffic across many regions.

While we’re not sure how long this offer is going to continue like this, users can continue to enjoy for the moment.

If you’re one of those that has poor connectivity with Glo network, you can always go for other options like the MTN 1.2GB for N500, 1GB for N200 on 9mobile or better still get an Airtel 4G SIM and enjoy 100% data bonus on all your recharges.

Additionally, if you’re an Ntel victim, lol… Well, the company did well from the beginning of this year and now we have no news about them, you can just save your Ntel SIM somewhere for now and expect a comeback from them, maybe next year. I hate to go into the details but I believe you guys can relate well.

Also, if you’re a new Ntel subscriber, I don’t like to break it but you won’t enjoy the Ntel wawu package as it is now exclusive to old subscribers alone. However, you shouldn’t throw your SIM away, you can’t tell what offer awaits you in 2019. Cheers.

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