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How To Install Substratum Theme Engine On Android Without Root

If you’ve been searching how to install Substratum theme engine on Android without root, then, you just found yourself in the right place. One of the reasons Android users brag a lot about Android-powered smartphones against other mobile platforms like iOS is the limitless customization they can do to their devices.

The Android ecosystem allows the users to tweak(modify) their devices according to their wishes. But also, the Android has a certain limitation when the users have no prior knowledge on how to play around tweaking the device interface.

Companies like, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi etc already integrates theme engine with their customised OS allowing users to modify their user interface to some extent. But for devices that come with Google stock OS such as Google Pixel, Nexus etc has no theme engine installed.

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However, with the help of substratum theme engine, users running on stock Google Android OS can now install Substratum theme engine On Android without Root and modify their devices. 

How To Install Substratum Theme Engine On Android Without Root

Substratum is a unified theme engine which allows customisations on rooted Android devices. However, with the help of an add-on app on Google playstore, users you can now install substratum theme engine on Android without root on any Android Smartphone.

The step by step guide below is dedicated towards devices running the latest Android OS (Oreo 8.0). The Substratum app is a free app on Google Play store and currently works on rooted Android Oreo devices. But if you don’t have root authority on your device and still want to use the substratum theme engine on your device, you’ll need to download and install an add-on for substratum app on Google Play store called Andromeda

Andromeda costs around 1.99$ for a limited time. For Samsung Galaxy users who may need the substratum experience on their devices will not find Andromeda in play store because it currently not supported Samsung Phone but instead, you guys will find Sungstratum, which again, is a 1.99$ app on Google Play store.

How To Install Substratum Theme Engine on Android Oreo Without Root

Installing Substratum and Andromeda on your un-rooted device alone won’t perform the task of modifying your device interface, you still have to run a batch file using your PC to make both app functional on your device. 

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Things to know:

  • Your device should be on Android OreoT
  • The below produce is for devices without root.U
  • USB Debugging must be enabled to enable communication between your device and PC.

Steps To Install Substratum And Andromeda On Your Device

Step 1: Download Andromeda Script with respect to your PC 

Step 2: Download and Install Substratum App and Andromeda App from Google Play store.

Step 3: Now, launch Andromeda Desktop Client (Mac OS) / Script (Linux and Windows).

Step 4: (i) For windiws: Connect your device to your PC, Download and extract the ZIP file for windows and double click on the batch file inside the folder. Make sure no other device is connected and press any key to continue. You will now see the script run in a Command Prompt window and it will auto launch substratum on your phone.

Step 4: (ii) For Mac: Open up the DMG and double click on Andromeda Client (purple icon), then you’ll get an option to select the disk image that you just mounted in the file browser. Click on OK then wait for your device to launch Substratum.

Step 4: (iii) For Linux: Unzip the archive and run ./ Wait until the script finishes executing and then you’re done.

Now you’ve successfully installed Substratum Theme Engine On Android Without Root and you should see Substratum running on your device. We’re done with the whole process. Head to Google playstore and download some free themes and customize your device.

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