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How To Root Tecno Pouvoir 2 (LA7) And Install TWRP Custom Recovery

If you’ve been searching for how to root Tecno Pouvoir 2 (LA7) or TWRP custom recovery for Tecno Pouvoir 2, then you’ve just landed at the right place. In this guide, we’ll explain the steps to root Tecno Pouvoir 2 and install TWRP custom recovery.

Pouvoir 2 (LA7) is one of the best budget smartphone launched by Tecno this year, the battery is the most interesting feature we saw on the device, other features are cool too, the device is not bad for a budget phone. See quick specs below.

Tecno Pouvoir 2 Quick Specs and Feature

  • 6.0-inch, IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, 1440 X 720 pixels
  • Android 8.1 Oreo
  • Quad-core MediaTek MT6739 CPU with 2GB RAM
  • 16GB built-in storage space, up to 128GB with a memory card
  • 13MP rear camera and a 13MP front camera
  • 4G LTE
  • Fingerprint scanner (rear)
  • 5, 000mAh non-removable Lion battery

Since, we’re not here to review the device, let’s go straight into the details of how to root Tecno Pouvoir 2 and how to install TWRP custom recovery for Tecno Pouvoir 2.

What you’ll need:

  • A PC or Laptop
  • A USB cable
  • And your head of course…????

For us to root Tecno Pouvoir, we’ll be using Magisk we’re already familiar with. Magisk will be used to patch the device boot.img to get root access and then we can go further TWRP custom recovery.

It is very important that you back up your stock firmware before going ahead with the rooting process and installing a TWRP custom recovery. You can download Tecno LA7 firmware on Hovatek but I’ll suggest you take a backup yourself.

To take backup of your stock firmware as I did with SP flash tool, see the video tutorial below and if you come across a step you don’t understand, let me know in the comment. I would have loved to make a video myself but I guess the tutorial below is explanatory enough.

How to root Tecno Pouvoir 2 (LA7) With Magisk

Once you’ve gotten your firmware backed up, you’re just one step away. Now, get your boot.img from the firmware you’ve extracted and patch with Magisk. See video below for how to patch boot.img with Magisk. But if your Pouvoir is having build number LA7-H393A-O-181011V172, just download the patched boot.img and proceed with the guide ahead.

Steps To Root Tecno Pouvoir 2

In other to carry out the whole process of rooting and installing a custom recovery, you’ll need to unlock your device bootloader and doing this will erase everything on your device, so you should backup all your important files to your SD card or PC.

Step 1. Unlocking Bootloader

1. Go to about phone on your device and enable developer option on your device by tapping the build number continuously until you see you’re now a developer.

2. Now, go back to the settings list under the system and select the developer option.

3. In developer option, enable OEM unlocking and USB debugging.

4. Now download and install minimal adb and fastboot tool on your PC.

5. Once, you’ve installed adb and fastboot tool on your PC, launch it and connect your device.

6. Now, enter the following commands below.

adb devices

You should get a prompt on your phone’s screen to grant access permission, accept the permission.

7. Now, we’ll reboot into device bootloader by using the below command.

adb reboot bootloader

8. Once your device reboot into the bootloader, you now have to unlock your bootloader using the command below.

fastboot oem unlock

Step 9. Now, when the unlock process is done, reboot your device using the command.

fastboot reboot

Wait for your device to boot. On boot, you’ll notice a warning text that your device is now unsecure blah blah blah. You don’t have to panic, your device is ok.

Congrats, you’ve successfully unlocked your Tecno Pouvoir 2 Bootloader.

Step 2. Flashing Boot.img

You can either flash the patched boot.img using SPflash tool or using adb. Both will work fine. If you choose using adb then follow the steps below.

1. Now that your device has booted. copy the patched boot.img you made earlier to minimal adb and fastboot installation folder. You can do that by right clicking on minimal adb and fast and fastboot and select open file location.

2. Reboot your device back into bootloader either by using the power button and down volume key or using the below adb command.

adb reboot bootloader

3. Once your device boot into bootloader, use the below command to flash your boot.img to your device.

fastboot flash boot boot.img

4. Once the process has completed, reboot your device.

fastboot reboot

That’s it you’ve successfully rooted your Tecno Pouvoir 2 using Magisk manager.

How to install TWRP custom recovery for Tecno Pouvoir 2 (LA7)

A big credit goes to lopestom, an XDA member who helped in making TWRP 3.2.2 custom recovery for Tecno Pouvoir 2 and myself self too for testing????. Although the recovery has internal storage bug but, we’re working on a fix and in the meantime, you can make use of your SD or USD flash drive via OTG to flash and install custom ROMs.

Steps to install TWRP recovery for Tecno Pouvoir 2

  1. Download TWRP 3.2.2 custom recovery for Tecno Povoir 2 from the link below
  2. Extract the downloaded recovery to a folder.
  3. After extract, you’ll find the device scatter file and recovery.img, which means we’ll be using spflash tool.
  4. Or if you prefer to use adb, copy the recovery imgae to adb and fastboot installation folder, reboot to bootloader and flash using the command, fastboot flash recovery recovery.img.
  5. Now, launch spflash tool and load the scatter file.
  6. Click the download button once flash tool has loaded the recovery.img.
  7. Power off your device and connect to PC via USB cable.
  8. Wait for the download process to complete.
  9. Once you get a download ok on screen, disconnect your device from pc.
  10. Now boot into TWRP custom recovery by holding the up volume button and power button together.

Congrats, you’ve successfully installed TWRP custom recovery for Tecno Pouvoir 2.

Things to know after installing TWRP for Tecno Pouvoir 2

  1. Your internal storage may be reading 0MB, to fix this
  2. Simply go to the wipe section and format data
  3. This will erase your internal storage once again but TWRP should now work fine.

If you like this post, please share and if you have any questions, simply drop a comment below. Don’t forget to subscribe and receive updates on Tecno Pouvoir 2 custom roms.


  1. I like the facebook page but nothing the page remains frozen. Please be able to have a direct link for the download. I have serious needs. thank you

    • If you’re not using Chrome browser or Mozilla, try any one of them… if the problem persists, we’ll email you the direct link.

    • I haven’t tried with Pouvoir 2 Pro, but it should work for Pouvoir 2 Pro also. Just make sure you backup your stock firmware bfr you try it.

  2. Après l’installation de la room personnalisé, la sécurité sera t-elle la même ? Du genre , l’empreinte et la reconnaissance faciale continuera de fonctionné ?


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