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How to save whatsapp status (videos, pictures, gif pictures)

How to save whatsapp status (videos, pictures, gif pictures)
How to save whatsapp status (videos, pictures, gif pictures)

Let me share a story.
A while ago, I made a cartoon effect photo for a friend, but we could not reach an agreement on my fee on completion of the job. I didn’t release the photo but I shared on status instead just to tease him more Infact (he could only view it, he couldn’t have it or share with his friends). The best he could do was to Screenshoot, but then other unwanted parts of his whatsapp was in the picture. The naughty dude and i resolved although I made him beg, lol.. Charles, i hope you are not reading this right now coz by so doing, you are about to get smarter.
Whatsapp Status feature was released by Whatsapp early this year 2017. A feature adopted from SnapChat, although it can now be found on many other platforms – Instagram , Facebook Messenger and the Facebook app .
Talking about features, have you seen the pin? chat feature for whatsapp? 
Just like Snapchat, Whatsapp live status feature allows you to upload a short video, picture and even animation GIF. Status are seen instantly by your contacts and they are live for just 24 hours, afterwards, they will disappear permanently.
Have you wanted to save a picture, GIF or a video used by your contacts? It’s really simple to save a media file used by your contacts on their Whatsapp status.
Have you noticed that the best pictures and videos are uploaded by Whatsapp contacts? but you can only view them, you can’t steal them like we steal display pictures. Only alternative most of us can resort to is to request for that media file( pics or video)through chat. In this tutorial, you will find a way to save those statuses permanently in your device gallery without begging your friend to Share you the video or pictures

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1. Open your WhatsApp messenger and go to the Status you want to save to gallery and make sure that you view it completely in the case of a videos, while you make sure you see a crystal clear image load completely as for pictures before proceeding to the next step…
2. Go to your File Manager
3. Open the SD card Storage and locate the “WhatsApp” folder
How to save whatsapp status (videos, pictures, gif pictures)
4. Inside the WhatsApp folder, locate “Media ” folder.
SD card > WhatsApp > Media
How to save whatsapp status (videos, pictures, gif pictures)
5. Press the menu button, some people call it the Option button which is usually 3 dots in newer android versions (depending on phone make)
6. You will see “Show hidden files ” tap on it
How to save whatsapp status (videos, pictures, gif pictures)
7. Once you do that, a new folder looking so faded/dim “ .Statuses” will appear at the top, that is where all multimedia files shared on WhatsApp status are stored for 24 hours.
How to save whatsapp status (videos, pictures, gif pictures)
8. So what you do now is to open the folder, select and copy the ones you wish to keep, and paste it into another folder (either your photos or videos folders or you create another special folder for them) on your SD card. The idea is just to make sure you copy those photos or videos to another place where they will not dissappear in the next 24hours like the ‘.status’ folder

9. They will immediately appear on your Gallery and will never disappear unless you choose to delete them.

Note that if you don’t copy them into another folder it will disappear permanently like it does normally on the whatsapp messanger app.

Enjoy this trick, I have no doubt if will come in so handy for you.

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