How To Subscribe Glo 2.4GB For N500 With 21 Days Validity

Hey guys, today I’ll be sharing with you, how to subscribe to Glo 2.4GB data for N500 only. I guess we all know that high cost of internet data subscription is one of the many problems we face in this country (Nigeria) and even though there are a lot of service providers, we still pay more for little internet data and that’s not cool.

The Grandmaster of data, of course, Glo has been doing pretty well in tackling with this problem by introducing mouth-watering offers to its subscribers. The likes of Glo Yakata, Glo Oga Sim, Glo Jollific8 and many others, with this, offers, Glo has given subscribers a relaxing data plan at low lost and it gets even better when you find out you can actually enjoy 2.4GB for 21days with as little as N500, now, that’s really impressive.

With Glo data plans affordable, the company does have its terrible side too. A lot of subscribers do complain over a poor network in certain areas in some states including mine. I can only use my Glo to browse in the next street but in my own house, it a dead zone and that’s horrifying if you know what that feels like. Aside from that, Glo is very “sweet” trust me.

How To Subscribe Glo 2.4GB For N500

Before I go into the details, you should know that this actually is a trick and not an official data plan you can subscribe for. For this trick to work, you’ll have to implement two tariff plan to get this data. Don’t be confused, I’ll explain as we proceed further.

First, your SIM needs to be eligible for the Glo Oga SIM tariff which we’ll now migrate back to Glo Yakata. This offers works for both old and new subscribers, so you won’t have to worry about whether you’re an old or new subscriber. It works for both 3G and 4G enabled Sim as well. However, for the old subscribers, it does come with a tiny little problem, you’re only eligible for this offer if you’ve not subscribed for the last 90 days.

Who is eligible for Glo Oga SIM?

  • New Glo subscribers.
  • Existing customers who have never used the data will benefit from purchasing data for the first time.
  • Subscribers who haven’t subscribe for the past 90 days.

How to be eligible for Glo Yakata Tariff Plan

If you fall under the people eligible for the Glo Yakata offer, then you eligible for this offer. Now, what you need to do is migrate to Glo Yakata, you can do so by dialing *220#.

To confirm your current tariff, dial the USSD #100#.

How to subscribe Glo 2.4GB For N500

Ensure that you are eligible for Glo Oga SIM and have already migrated to the Glo Yakata Tariff Plan before subscribing to this data plan.

If the above criteria are met, then recharge your SIM with Airtime of N500 and you will be credited with 600MB + N1,750 for all network calls.

Now, dial Dial *777# and select N500 weekly data subscription for Glo Oga SIM offer, this will give you 1.8 GB data.

You should now have a total of 2.4GB in your data balance. that is 600MB + 1.8GB = 2.4GB.

That’s it, you’ve successfully subscribed to Glo 2.4GB for N500 and this data is valid for 21days. Hurray…

How to check your data balance

You can check your data balance by dialing *127*0#.

Can I renew this data with N500?

Interestingly, you can actually rollover the rest of your unused data by subscribing again and before the expiry date and if you already exhausted your data before that time, just make sure you renew before the expiry date.

I guess some of you are also wondering if you can accumulate this data, well I haven’t tried that, you can always test it and drop a feedback in the comments. Enjoy while it last.

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