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Infinix Device Stock Firmware – All Version Download

If you’re searching for Infinix devices stock firmware, then you’e landed on the right page. This page contains all Infinix device factory firmware file that can be used to restore any Infinix device with software/OS problems.

Infinix stock firmware file/flash file can be used to restored the following software problems that may arise on any Infinix device:

  1. Upgrade the device to a newer version of the OS
  2. Downgrade the device to a previous OS version
  3. Recover device from a brick state (soft/hard brick)
  4. Remove virus and malware
  5. Repair baseband and IMEI problems
  6. Remove Google FRP
  7. Repair broken WIFI and Bluetooth etc.

Infinix Stock Firmware – All Version Download

To flash any Infinix device with a flash file, you’ll need to have the following materials;

Note: Battery must be at least  60-70% before flashing

How to flash stock ROM/Firmware

Once you have the above materials ready, ensure you have at least 50% of battery left on your device before flashing, however, if you’re trying to revive a dead device, no need to worry, just continue with the guide.

  1. Launch SPFlash tool / Aftersales flash tool after download
  2. Switch off the device you want to flash/restore
  3. Download your device firmware from the list below.
  4. Now unzip/unrar the archived Stock ROM file you downloaded
  5. In SPFlash tool, browse to select your device scatter file
  6. Now click on download on the button
  7. Connect device via usb cable
  8. Wait for operation is complete OK
  9. Then disconnect device from PC

For a detailed guide on how to flash Android devices with SPFlash tool, visit the page.

List Of All Infinix Device Stock Firmware – All Versions

Below is the list of all Infinix device factory firmware file, starting with old to the latest. Use our table of contents for easy navigation, just click on a device on the table of content and you’ll be taken to the particular phones firmware section.

Infinix Hot X507 Factory Firmware

Kitkat firmware 4.4.2 |

Lollipop firmware 5.0.1 |

Infinix Hot 2 x510 Factory Firmware

Android one firmware |

Mashmallow firmware |Download

Infinix Hot 3 Factory Firmware

XUI X554-W90918-A1 |

XUI X554-W90918-A2 |

XUI (4G version) X553-W82918-A1 |

Infinix Hot 4 Factory Firmware

X557-H807A1-M-160815V57 | Download

X557-H807A1-M-160902V81 | Download

InfiniX Hot 4 Pro Firmware

X557-H807A1-M-160902V81 | Download

X557-H807B1-M-160902V68 | Download

Infinix Hot S Factory Firmware

Stock Firmware for Hot S |Download

Infinix Hot Note 2 Factory Firmware

X600-H533-A1-M-20160720V17 | Download

X600-H533-B1-M-20160720V17 | Download

Infinix Hot Note 3 Factory Firmware

Infinix Hot Note 3 X551-A1_L_20160115_(16G_1G) | Download

Infinix Hot Note 3 X551-BC_L_20160115_(16G_2G) | Download

Infinix Hot Note 3 X601-H536-A1-M-160715V18 | Download

Infinix Zero 2 Factory Firmware

kitkat firmware  for Zero 2 | Download

Lollipop firmware for Zero 2 | Download

Lollipop firmware for Zero 2 pro | Download

Infinix Zero 4 Factory Firmware

X555-H538A1-M-161207V161 | Download

X555-H538B1-M-161202V147 | Download

Infinix Zero 3 Factory Firmware

X552-H952-A1-M-20160803V21 Download

X552-H952-B1-M-20160803V17 | Download

Infinix Surf Factory Firmware

X551-W501_L_FR_20160612 Download

Infinix SMART X5010 Firmware

Firmware for SMART X5010 Download

Link will be updated with devices that are not on the list soon…. Stay connected with us.

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