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Instagram Adds Group Video Calls, Explore Section, And More Camera Effects

Do you think Instagram will lose its relevance soon? Do you think its just a matter of a few years before they begin to phase out? Then you are probably wrong. Instagram is putting all the necessary things in place with no signs of slowing down. They are piling up the numbers to show evidence already. In fact, they recently hit 1 billion monthly active users.

And now, Instagram has chosen to throw out even more updates to its App which enables it to do more. The Explore section has been improved, there are new camera effects and last but not the list, there’s a group video calling feature now.

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Instagram Group video Calling Feature

Instagram Adds Group Video Calls, Explore Section, And More Camera EffectsToday, group video calling has started rolling out in the Instagram mobile apps. You can chat with up to four friends at a time straight from Direct, by tapping the new camera icon in the right corner. Obviously, this works across iOS and Android.

The Most interesting part is that while you are on the video call, you can do other things on IG. The call window just resizes itself low to the bottom corner while you have room to browse other updates. To start a video chat, open Instagram and tap the paper plane icon in the upper right-hand corner to go to Direct.

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New Channel Section On Explore

Instagram Adds Group Video Calls, Explore Section, And More Camera Effects The explore section has been remolded in a way that you can reach your own interest easily rather than you seeing random posts that you are uninterested about. It consists of Topic channels which makes you intentional about what you want to read and what not to read. Now users will see a horizontal tray of channels atop Explore, including an algorithmically personalized For Your collection, plus ones like Art, Beauty, Sports, and Fashion, depending on what content you regularly interact with. Users can swipe between the categories to browse, and then scroll up to view more posts from any they enjoy. Channels can be muted (and unmuted) at any time.

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Camera Effects

Instagram Adds Group Video Calls, Explore Section, And More Camera EffectsFinally, there are some new camera effects to enjoy, designed by the likes of Ariana Grande, Buzzfeed, Liza Koshy, Baby Ariel, and NBA. You need to follow any of those accounts in order to automatically see their specific effects in your camera. Otherwise, you can tap to try one and then add it to your camera if you like it.

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