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Latest WhatsApp Beta Brings Back Text Status Updates

In the previous month, WhatsApp introduced a new feature called WhatsApp Status which we’ve also seen and familiar with on Instagram.

Latest WhatsApp Beta Brings Back Text Status Updates

The WhatsApp status allows us to share Gif, multiple pictures and videos. But then, WhatsApp has decided has decided to remove the text status we’re all used to. Many have considered this new feature STATUS a ‘stolen’ feature from Snapchat. However, the reason they’ve decided to replace WhatsApp new status with the text format is not known.

The good news is that the text status will be coming back in the next WhatsApp beta update but it will be slightly different from the normal text status we are used to. Instead, it will come in the form of an “About” section that you can fill up about yourself or anything that you want. It doesn’t really sound like status in that manner, but since it’s appearing in form of About, my guess is, you could always update it to be about whatever you want, like whether you’re in a meeting, do not disturb, free to chat, and so on.

Note that this is only in the beta version of Android which means unless you’re using WhatsApp Beta app, you probably won’t see this feature appear on WhatsApp. We hope that this update should be around anytime sooner.

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