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Livestream Videos To Youtube Right From Your Camera

You can easily go live on Youtube as the Livesteam feature gets easier to use. With Livestream you can easily reach your audience and disseminate information in real-time.

Livestream Videos To Youtube Right From Your Camera

Long before now, it used to be a sophisticated procedure which requires an encoder and some specific software. Youtube is now making going live on Youtube as easy as possible just like it is on Facebook. Recently, Youtube launched dark mode on ios and android, they have followed up nicely now with this Livestream feature. There are some events that are enjoyed best while its ongoing this is where Livestream becomes so necessary. Friends or fans of your event can experience all the fun in the comfort of their homes.

A while ago,  Youtube made live streaming from desktops so interesting and easy by introducing the go-live feature on Chrome browsers. All a user has to do now is to head over to and hit the “Go live” button to start streaming.

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No additional software or setup needed. But for now, the new streaming process is only available on Chrome, but support for other browsers is coming soon.


How to go livestream on youtube

Youtube will be making things even easier as Google will be working with manufacturers such as Asus, LG, Motorola, Nokia, and Samsung. Manufacturers will integrate streaming capabilities directly into devices’ camera apps using the new YouTube Mobile Live deep link.

This new feature should arrive our devices within few months. We would be able to share instant live videos from our camera app. Samsung announced a Livebroadcast feature with YouTube about 3 years ago with the Galaxy Note 5. while Sony also had it on the Xperia Z3 line in 2014. YouTube notes that this functionality is coming to more device this year.

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