Meet Lenovo’s First Foldable Smartphone With A Weird Fold Look

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Foldable smartphones have become one of the latest buzz in the smartphone space and smartphone manufacturers trying to keep up in the race. We’ve seen different foldable concepts that looks great, the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy Fold, Huawei Mate X and Xiaomi foldable phone. Now, however, the Chinese phone maker Lenovo is preparing to launch its first foldable smartphone to join the foldable phone segment.

Lenovo has taken a different approach to the foldable phone, thus making it foldable concept a bit weird. While other manufacturer opted for a vertical view, Lenovo presents a horizontal view. The foldable phone looks great when it’s not foldable, although it may be longer than normal and the folded view? not so great.

Lenovo’s Foldable Smartphone
Lenovo’s Foldable Smartphone

The smartphone will take the form of a regular phone but would be larger/longer than normal. Although I like big screen device, foldable phones don’t ring the bell for me and if at all I decided to use one, not this.

There’s no update as to when the smartphone will launch and we’re not even sure if this is what we’d be seeing after launch. We saw several Samsung foldable phone concept but the final look was totally off the grid, so, let’s wait until it official appearance before we draw a verdict on the Lenovo foldable phone.

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