Mobile Future: Check Out The 10 Coolest Tech Trends And Gadgets Of 2019!

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We’re not far into 2019 and already there are several tech trends and gadgets to talk about. A lot of things that have been in developments for long will finally become part of our daily life. Aside from the device we use on daily basis, we’ll also welcome new infrastructures and improved culture. Everything from the way we communicate and interact with each other or our pets through our devices, to our means transportation, food, and entertainment etc could see a major makeover. There’s a lot more to expect but let’s take a look at a few.

Is Augmented Reality One Of The Most Important Technological Trends?

In America Boris found out that more and more is possible in the field of Augmented Reality. This is a technology where a smartphone or glasses adds Virtual Reality to the image you see with your naked eyes. And what does that bring with it? Endless possibilities … From a virtual war play until the route to your final destination literally in front of your nose on the street. 

But not only does Augmented Reality bring a lot of skills and fun : it is also used on a large scale for important purposes. Think of AR in health care, AR in the sports world and even in the army. This makes AR, as Augmented Reality is also called, one of the most important technological trends. Soon it is impossible to imagine! No Fluff Tech will give you a brief idea about Electronic Gadgets.

Your Fridge (And The Rest Of Your House) Online: Internet Of Things!

One other cool technology is the Internet of Things. Internet of Things makes it possible to link everything with a SIM card or chip to your mobile. In this way, you connect(on the eye) ordinary devices with internet and they almost come to life. Like what? Your fridge for example! Are you shopping, you are not sure if you still had that nice drink in the house. A Smart Fridge makes every time you close a photo and app that to your phone. No more dilemmas in the supermarket! Of course, the possibilities with the Internet of Things go far beyond that.

There are now self-driving cars, your Hue lights turn on automatically when you get home, your litter box automatically cleans itself, your house is automatically vacuumed (so chill!) And an app like Plant some gives you a signal when your plants get some water again can use. That way your life becomes easier. Let that future come, because that’s what we see, of course. 

Also Becoming A Growing Tech Trend: Voice Control

Talk to the devices you use? That’s really not just for Michael Knight and KITT (you know, that self-talking car) in Knight Rider. No, more and more devices can be controlled via Voice Control. That means that you can ask them something or give an assignment. With Voice Control you can easily order a whole new outfit or the necessary snacks for your Jibo. Jibo is an example of a robot that you can take anywhere and where you can ask for anything. Or choose a Smart Home device, asking you to raise the heater and whether it can turn on music. You hear it right: you will not have to stand up for anything at home anymore.

Top 10 Digital Trends And Gadgets From 2018

Petcube: A smart device with which you can make video calls with your cat or dog. The most fun: by swiping on your screen you can throw food to him. The harder you sweep, the further the food comes. 

Alexa (Smart Home): Use Voice Control to commission the Internet of Things devices in the home to do household chores. 

AR Shooter App: Play via Augmented Reality in the open air old-fashioned war with your friends.

Smart Fridge: Makes a photo every time you close it and sends it to you. That way you always know whether or not you have something. So you do not get double things at home!

Robo Barista: The robot that prepares your cappuccino. You place an order with your phone and he will prepare your coffee.

Sensor Soccer Ball: Smart football with all kinds of sensors for a lot of statistics. Is this the ball Messi and Ronaldo will use later?

Follow Me Drone: This drone follows you closely from the air: delivers the coolest Instagram stories!

Augmented Reality glasses: Here you place your phone and then you can play games in AR.

Jibo: A Voice Controlled robot that you can take anywhere and where you can ask for anything. You can even pet it and then it will still be grunting!

Self-driving car: Brings you without a driver from a to b.

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