How To Get 500MB Daily on MTN Network (E-Learning Free Data)

Browse for free using Ha tunnel plus VPN

I guess it’s been a while since I posted a free browsing tweak here for Nigerians. Well, pardon me, I just didn’t feel like posting but then I recalled that before I became data-independent, these cheats, as we all call them did a lot of good for me and thought it wouldn’t be cool if my fans were left out. Starting today, I’ll keep you updated with the latest cheats from all networks in Nigeria, so make sure to subscribe to our newsletter and never miss an update.

The latest free browsing cheats in town is the MTN free 500MB e-learning data that you can use to power all apps using Ha Tunnel Plus VPN. While this plan is not unlimited, you’ll be getting free 500MB daily to surf selected e-learning sites which we’re not really interested in. With Ha Tunnel VPN, you can be browsing your favourite sites with the MTN 500MB e-learning data.

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That said, let’s dive into how to get the MTN 500MB e-learning data daily and how to use it with Ha tunnel Plus VPN.

How to get 500MB of e-learning data daily on MTN?

There are two ways of getting the MTN free 500MB e-learning data. The first method is by visiting one of the selected school sites compatible with the MTN e-learning free data or via the myMTNapp for Android. Here’s how;

For the first method, simply visit, and browse the site for a few minutes. MTN will automatically credit you with the free 500MB to visit some e-learning sites. You’ll receive a message from MTN saying you have received FREE 500MB from MTN to browse on some e-Learning sites.

mtn e learning free 500MB data
MTN 500MB e-Learning Free Data

If you prefer to use the MyMTN app which is I prefer, launch the app and navigate to the “play” section, go to “learning academy” and browse for some minutes until you receive a notification that you’ve received free 500MB data to browse selected e-learning sites.

Do this every day to continue receiving the free 500MB e-learning data. Now, that we’ve got the free 500MB, it’s time to use Ha Tunnel VPN to power it up.

How to use Ha Tunnel Plus VPN to all apps?

Setting up ha tunnel Plus to power your apps with the free 500MB MTN data is simple and straightforward. Some of you may already be familiar with the app, but, if you’ve never used it, no problem. Follow the simple guide below.

  • First off, download MTN’s 500MB .hat file for ha tunnel Plus.
  • Now, download and install Ha tunnel plus from the Google Playstore.
  • Once the VPN has been installed, launch it and tap on the 3-dot at the top right corner of the app.MTN free 500MB Ha tunnel Plus file
  • You’ll find the import option on the opened menu, tap on it and locate the .hat file that you downloaded on your device.
  • When you find the .hat file, tap on it and Ha tunnel plus will import the configurations required to use the free 500MB data.

That’s it, it the connect button and let ha tunnel plus do the magic. Once the VPN app is connected, you need to watch the ads displayed to extend the time of use. You can now visit any site or use any app that requires internet connections without issues.

MTN 500MB e-Learning data FAQS

What is the data validity?

As displayed in the above screenshot, the data is valid for 11:59 PM on the same day.

Can I accumulate the data?

No, you can’t. You can only get 500MB daily.

Can I accumulate time on Ha tunnel Plus?

Yes, you can. Watching more ads will give you more time.

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