MTN Data Offer! Get 29GB Of Data For Just N1,000

We’ve seen several data offers this festive season from different internet service providers in Nigeria but none has really been so great honestly. Talking about greatness, what about 29GB of data for just N1000? well, MTN has decided to surprise it subscribers with an incredible data offer. While everyone (MTN subscribers especially) would really love to have this plan for eternity, it’s so sad that we’ll only see it around for a while and also, not every MTN subscriber will benefit from it.

The new data bonus was introduced primarily to lure back MTN customers who haven’t used their SIM in a while, we can as well call this a welcome back data. However, if you use your MTN on a daily basis, you can also try your luck if you have N1,000 to sacrifice. This does not mean you won’t be giving any data if you aren’t eligible for the 26GB data. Read on to find out more…

mtn special offer

Like I have said earlier, this data offer is SIM selective and not every MTN subscriber will enjoy this offer. So, if you try it and it doesn’t work for you, well, that’s that. Only try it if you have N1,000 to spare.

So, without any more stories, let’s see how it works.

How To Get 29GB for Just N1000 On MTN

You should know that this code works best on dormant sim cards. Like if you haven’t used your MTN SIM in the last 30days+. So, if your SIM is somewhere in your room locked up, quickly dust it and insert into a phone, it can be any phone.

MTN 4GB for N1000

  • Now, to test whether you’re eligible for this offer or not
  • Dial the USSD code *131*65# to check your eligibility.
  • Once you get the option shown in the screenshot above, select the 4GB data plan for N1,000.
  • If it returns, “You are not eligible“, then try another SIM, but if you get the message, “Insufficient Balance“, simply recharge your line with N1,000 and subscribe for the 4GB data plan.

Important note: Only recharge your line with a voucher (do not transfer).

How to check data balance

To check your data balance, simply dial *131*4# and you will see you’ve been given 29GB of data.

Interestingly, you can use this data for 3 good months if you’re lucky to receive the 26GB data, this way you don’t wanna rush and exhaust your data. If used with care, it should last you for 3 months. But if you’re somebody like me, I guess you’ll just have to buy another data plan the next day, lol.

That’s it, you can now enjoy your 26GB data. If it works for you, don’t forget to leave a comment and don’t enjoy alone, use the share button.

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