UPDATED!! MTN mpulse Data Is Faster And better With Http Injector

In this guide, you’ll learn how to browse with MTN mPulse data using Http injector app.

KPN tunnel VPN has been wonderful, doing great stuff with the MTN mpulse data, but it can actually get better. I guess some of you guys are already familiar with http injector and if you’re just learning about t for the first time, well that stuff is the real deal.

I’ve been receiving messages regarding the KPN connection with MTN mpulse data that is hasn’t been performing well and I thought I should update you guys with something even better to flex your data.

How To Browse With MTN mPulse Data With Http Injector

Unlike the KPN which is now slow, Http injector connects faster and doesn’t disconnect while you’re browsing or downloading irrespective of how terrible your wireless signal might be.

Although the MTN mPulse is not actually meant for everyone as we all know, however, it has actually turned out to be the next best thing after the 9mobile’s 1GB for 3 days data plan.

I won’t try to get you confused with all the settings and other intricacies, so all you will need to do is follow the simple step by step by step guide below.

Steps to browse with MTN mPusle data with Http injector

You will find the complete guide on how to subscribe to this plan for N150 or N350 in this article where we discussed the KPN tunnel VPN method

Step 1. Download and install Http injector apk from Google play store.

Step 2. Download Http injector config file for MTN mPulse data. But i enjoy faster download with this file which will expire by the Oct 16

Step 3. Now, launch Http injector app from your app drawer.

Step 4. Tap the import icon to import the config file which you downloaded. see screenshot below

How To Browse With MTN mPulse Data With Http Injector

Step 5. Browse the location of the config file on your phone and Import into Http injector.

Step 6. Once you’ve successfully imported the config file, tap the start button.

That’s it, you’ve learnt how to browse with MTN mPulse data with Http injector. you can now flex the mPusle data as you wish. Thank me later.

I will personally recommend this Http injector over KPN because it is better on all fronts. Connects faster, network speed is unbelievable, it just feels all natural like the regular network.

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