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Download NoxPlayer Offline Installer Latest Version For Windows PC Based on Android 9

If you’re looking for the latest NoxPlayer offline installer download link, then, you’re on the right page. BigNox team recently released a beta version of the next iteration of the Nox Android app player — NoxPlayer version based on Android 9. This release makes NoxPlayer the very first Android emulator to run on Android 9.

The previous version of the Nox Android emulator was based on Android 7 and that made it impossible for mobile gamers to modern play mobile games that required Android 8 upwards. With the beta release of NoxPlayer Android 9 emulator, gamers can now player modern games that require Android 8 and above.

NoxPlayer is available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC, but just like the latest BlueStack 5, the beta version of the latest Nox Android emulator is exclusive to 64bit Windows PCs. Linux and Mac users may have to wait until the final release to get a taste of the new version.

What is NoxPlayer?

NoxPlayer offline installer Android 9 emulator
Image: NoxPlayer

Nox Player is one best free Android app player for PCs. It is developed by BigNox and lets you run Android apps and games on your PC. NoxPlayer offers several gaming features that help deliver a seamless gaming experience on a PC.

The app player comes with a simple Android-like interface and although it is a gaming-centric emulator, it runs app like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many others just fine.

You can play some of the best multiplayer and battle royale games like PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, Garena Free Fire and more without lag on NoxPlayer.

Features of NoxPlayer

NoxPlayer comes with quite a number of amazing features. Since it is a gaming-centric emulator, you’ll find most of its features interesting. We have highlighted some of the best features of the Nox Android App Player below, check them out.

Simple UI 

Nox Android 9 emulator comes with a clean user interface. There is a search bar on the home screen that lets you find apps and settings quickly and a few apps such as browser, app centre, pre-registration and settings. The control options are placed on the right panel for easy access.

Supports Controller

Just like BlueStacks, NoxPlayer also comes with game controller support. That means you can play games on the Nox Android 9 emulator using your X-Box or Playstation controllers.

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The multi-instance feature allows you run multiple app instance at the same time. This means you can have up to four different apps or even the same app running on different windows on your screen.

Macro Recorder

NoxPlay macro recorder is similar to that of BlueStacks, it simply allows you to create/record multiple tasks that can be reused in games to make your gameplay faster. This is mostly useful in games where you have to repeat the same task over and over.

Higher FPS

While the FPS of your games depends on your PC’s hardware, BigNox has optimized the Nox app player to boost game FPS. Just as we saw on the BlueStacks 5 beta, you can manually configure FPS from the Nox emulator settings.

Google Play Store

NoxPlayer comes with Google Play Store support. This will allow you to install apps and games directly on the NoxPlayer app. You can also send share an apk file from your smartphone to your PC or download it from the web and sideload it to the emulator.

These are some of the best features NoxPlayers offers. You can download the Android app player and discover other interesting new features in the latest update.

Android 9 Emulator

Play more with NoxPlayer Android 9 emulator.

Why You Need NoxPlayer Offline Installer?

There are two major reasons why you need the NoxPlayer offline installer. The first is, it doesn’t require an internet connection to install. Secondly, it can be installed on multiple systems without having to download on each system one by one.

Download NoxPlayer Offline Installer

Note: This Android 9 emulator is a beta release which means you may likely encounter a few bugs. But don’t worry, any error you encounter after installing this release will most likely be fixed with an update.

How to Install NoxPlayer Offline Installer?

NoxPlayer installation procedure is pretty simple and straightforward. Once you have downloaded the offline installer, simply double click on the setup.exe or right-click on it and select install. The setup will launch, then, follow the on-screen instruction to install the emulator’s offline installer.

That’s it, this is all on how to download NoxPlayer offline installer in 2021. If you find this article helpful, be kind enough to push any of the social buttons below to share with your friends. Also, if you face any problem with any of the download links, let us know in the comment box below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will NoxPlayer be launched (final release)?

A: There is no particular date for the release yet but since it is in beta testing, we can expect it before the end of 2021.

Q: Can NoxPlayer Android 9 emulator run on 2gb ram PCs?

A: Yes, however, the overall performance will be determined by your PC’s hardware.

Q: Can NoxPlayer run on a PC without a graphics card?

A: Yes, you can run the Nox app player on any PC even without a dedicated graphics card. But with a graphics card, you’ll get a better graphics performance.

Q: Can I run NoxPlayer on Windows 7?

A: Yes, you can run NoxPlayer version 9 beta on Windows 7 and above

Q: Is NoxPlayer Android 9 Safe?

A: Yes, since Android is open-source, NoxPlayer version 9 beta is completely safe and legal to use.

Q: Will NoxPlayer get your game account banned?

A: No, as long as you do not employ any cheating system, you don’t need to worry about any of your account getting banned.

Q: how to uninstall NoxPlayer version 9 beta?

A: Go to your system’s control panel and select the uninstall a program option. Select Noxplayer from the list and agree to the uninstall program promptly.


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