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Ntel N1000 for 12GB Wawu Plan Discontinued – See The Revised Data Plans

Even it hurts me to say that Ntel has been terrible for months, I must also admit that 2018 was really a great year for Ntel and all of its subscribers until the company decided to go rouge towards the end of 2018. Ntel came in strong in 2018 with the WAWU sim card and we saw great data offers from the company that we’ve never seen before on other internet service providers in Nigeria.

Talking about the great data plan, Ntel Wawu data plan has really been a lifesaver, with just N500 you get 6GB, N1000 for 12GB, N2000 for 24GB, N3000 for 48GB and N7500 for 95GB all valid for a month. You’ll agree with me that these data plans are indeed a pocket saver and lifesaver in 2018. However, towards the end of 2018, Ntel encountered a problem which led to shutting down of the data portal till this very moment but their official site is running just in case you need some information about the company, visit Ntel website.

From the moment Ntel shutdown their subscription portal, life has been “miserable” for a lot of subscribers and a big headache for me in particular, because the subscription was so good that I do not mind buying a monthly data subscription 4-5times before the end of the month. it was really a great deal, with other networks, you can only get 1GB-1.5GB for N1000 compared to what you get on the Ntel network. If only it was forever…

Ntel wawu plan of N1000 for 12GB has been discontinued

While there’s no means for subscribers to buy data subscription, Ntel decided to make new some changes in their data plans. What I find really annoying about this is that the company didn’t make any official announcement before implementing their new strategy. The new changes, however, is concentrated on the wawu data aspect, for other data plans remain the same but they made changes to the unlimited weekly plan, it’s now N5000.

I really hate to say the revised wawu data plan “SUCKS!” but really it does, not only did they slice the plan, but they have also decided to reduce the validity period which is really not cool. Let’s compare the old data plan and the revised plan together.

Old WAWU Data Plans

Old WAWU Data Plans

Revised Ntel WAWU Data Plans

Revised Ntel WAWU Data Plans

From the above screenshots, I guess you guys can now understand why I said the revised wawu data plan “SUCKS!” a lot. If the validity were still 30 days, it would have been fair but N2000 for 6GB for just 7days? come on, that’s so not cool. Even if anyone decided to go for the 14days options and does not use up the data before the expiry period, you can’t rollover and that’s a big disadvantage.

However, the Monthly unlimited family plan seems to be a very good option if you’re running a business, you pay N17,000 for unlimited internet. I know guys are already looking for alternatives and I’ll suggest you try the Glo OGA SIM, it offers a good data plan at a portable rate too.

So, what do you think of the new revised wawu data plan 2019? share your views and thoughts with us in the comment section.

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