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Instagram Video and Photos Downloader – Online Tools & Apps

Online Tools To Instantly Download Instagram Videos and Pictures

Instagram could be a very interesting place to share and have a visual perception of many beautiful things and interests we follow. Share multiple photos and videos as status which disappears after 24hours. The status also was introduced to WhatsApp few weeks ago. 

Instagram allows you to instantly share your post to popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc. As interesting as it could be, the fun is usually too short. Because of the apps inability to download shared content (photos,videos).
Using some apps like instasave and others have proven to be a quick fix for a while now, but quite frankly success rate has been low lately especially on iOS devices.

So, here are some online free tools to download instagram videos with no errors whether on your iPhone or on your droid.

1. DownloadVideosFrom
Online Tools To Instantly Download Instagram Videos and Pictures
DownloadVideosFrom is a free online tool for not only download instagram video and photo files, but its also capable of making MP3 files out of the videos.
Simply input the Instagram Video or Photo URL into the ‘Enter Instagram Video URL’
click on the output you’d like to save. This could be either MP3 output, MP4 or photo. Downloadvideofrom also supports downloading multimedia files from popular websites like YouTube, Facebook, vimeo e.t.c

2. W3Toys

Online Tools To Instantly Download Instagram Videos and Pictures

W3toys is another online resource that allows you download instagram videos without stress. Simply input the instagram video URL into the required field and hit the GO button. Video will be made available for download.

3. DownloadGram

Online Tools To Instantly Download Instagram Videos and Pictures

DownloadGram appears to be more streamlined compared to the two above. You can’t possibly go wrong with using DownloadGram.

The online resource tool allows you download instagram videos and pictures effortlessly. All you need do is, input the instagram video or picture URL into the field required, and hit the Download button.

Using online resources saves you the hustle of having to download an app which usually will consume extra space on the phone. Some of these apps even carey annoying ads which will slow you down and zap more data.

Although all the online tools mentioned above all have ads displayed on the pages, it’s easier to deal with rather than using an app for same feature. Downloadgram comes with the least number of ads. If Ads isn’t your thing, use downloadgram.

How To Download Instagram Videos and Pictures

  • To download videos and images, you need to import the Instagram video or photo URL i.e copy the URL, and paste it into any of the aforementioned online tools.
  • Launch the Instagram app on your phone
  • Tap on the video or picture you’d like to download
  • Tap on the option icon (…) located at top right side of the page
  • Among the displayed options, tap on Copy Link
  • Return back to any of the tools stated above and paste the copied link into the required field and hit the Download or Go button.

Online Tools To Instantly Download Instagram Videos and Pictures
The download will commence immediately.
Downloading instagram videos and pictures is not a hassle.

Feel free to share any other working tool using the comment box.

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