Opera rolls out free unlimited inbuilt browser VPN for Android

Opera has just introduced a built-in browser VPN for Android its users. This feature was introduced in the beta update from last month and now finally seeing the light. Back in 2017, Opera introduced a standalone VPN app to test the VPN service but was later discontinued in 2018.

The built-in VPN feature appeared on the desktop browser with the opera 51 update and now the company has extended its VPN service to the Android segment.

Like every other VPN app we already know, the built-in Opera VPN lets you hide your physical location while surfing the internet, making it harder for people or services to track your behaviour on the Web.

opera vpn

Opera VPN is free and offers unlimited usage. You can choose between Europe, America and Asia and there’s also an optimal mode which helps you choose the best connection for your location. Opera VPN doesn’t keep logs so, your 100% anonymity is guaranteed.

unlimited for use… It can be enabled easily from the top left corner of the browser. It also does not log web traffic. This means that the VPN servers do not log and retain any activity data, all to protect the privacy of the user.

How to enable Opera VPN?

Just like the desktop browser, the VPN option appears on the top right corner on the browser, all you need to do is toggle the button and viola the VPN will be connected.

Also, Oper VPN gives you an option to let your search engine bypass the VPN connection and detect your region so that you can get more relevant search results.

Lastly, the VPN can be enabled for private tabs only, however, it is a good development. If you’re now already using Opera browser for Android, you can simply download here or update if you already have it installed.

So, what do you think about this update? tell us in the comment section below.

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