Now You Can Play PS4 Games On iOS Devices With Remote Play App

Playing console games on smartphones have become a thing over the years, gone are the days of running sega games on Android, Nintendo, etc. Funny enough, a lot of us still find our selfs playing our favorite games on emulators like PPSSPP, PS2/PS3, Nintendo, Wii (Dolphin emulator) etc.

Today you can run almost any console game from your smartphone and it’s even interesting to the point of playing PS4 games on your smartphone.

In other to make gaming, even more, fun, Sony has brought remote play functionality to PlayStation 4 that would allow you to play your favorite PS4 games remotely on your iOS devices. This new feature was released in PS4 6.50 firmware update for the console. While the Remote Play functionality already exists for PS Vita, Windows, and Mac, extending it to PS4 consoles is really great.

This will help in situations where you need to play your favorite games and the TV is been used by someone else in the family.

To play PS4 games on your iPhone or iPad, you need to first download the Remote Play app from the Apple App Store and then pair the app with your console. The remote play app is also available already for Android, however, it is exclusive to Sony Xperia devices and the company is yet to launch a version for other Android devices.

Gaming gets really interesting when you’re able to use controllers, while you can already connect PS4 DualShock controllers to Windows and Mac devices, iOS devices, on the other hand, is yet to get support but users can use MFi controllers. Although the MFi controllers are great, gaming experience on it is not as smooth as DualShock controllers.

The Remote Play app offers a variety of options to give you a great gaming experience on your iOS devices, you get options like framerate, quality settings for different connections. You can also set any resolution between 360p, 540p, 720p and 1080p. Streaming in 1080p resolution, however, requires a PlayStation 4 Pro.

This is a big update for iOS users and Android fans are anxiously waiting for the company to extend its support to the Android community.

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