Report: Facebook To Bring Back Chat Feature Into Its Main App

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Back in 2014, Facebook launched Messenger App, separating it messaging feature from its main app to deliver a better Messaging experience for users and now, it seems the chat feature is making a come back in the Facebook app.

According to a recent report by the researcher Jane Manchun Wong reveals that Facebook is thinking of integrating the Messenger app back into the Facebook mobile app.

When someone asked if the Messenger app was going to be discontinued since the chat feature is coming back to the main app, Wong replied “no, they server different market”. Messenger app has over 1.3 billion users worldwide, giving Facebook more than enough reason to keep it around.

At the moment the chat section only contain the basic chat functionalities. To give message reactions, make a call, send photos, etc, you’d still have to open the Messenger app.

This feature is currently in development and not available to Facebook users. The company has promised the new feature will make these two apps interoperate better.

Furthermore, Mark Zuckerberg and his officials can also be seen as busy giving interviews and talking about the need for quality journalism in society.

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